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Urban Community Risk Assessment Research

Posted on:2018-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330536462133Subject:Public management
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Community is the most basic social unit,Itís the geographical support of peopleís work and life,and also the first line of disaster prevention and mitigation.Especially in the urban community,the population,the building,the facilities are dense;the ability to resist the disaster naturally becomes very fragile.Comprehensive evaluation of urban community risk is an important point for enhancing community defense ability and strengthening community emergency capability building.This paper summarizes 26 major risk factors and risk characteristics of urban communities from the perspective of urban communities,and puts forward some problems in the current community risk assessment.Based on the risk-based practice of Huaxing Street Community in Jinjiang District of Chengdu City,20 risk factors of Huaxing Street Community were identified among the 26 major risk factors,and the 20 risk factors were sorted out.This paper puts forward the community risk evaluation index system of Huaxing Street from the angle of risk actuality and vulnerability and resilience,uses the analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight of each index,and uses the fuzzy evaluation method combining qualitative and quantitative to carry out the individual risk of Huaxing Street Community And the overall evaluation,the main risk factors affecting the community safety level of Huaxing Street and the overall safety level of the community.Through the research of this paper,we can find that the risk assessment of urban communities can comprehensively explore all the risk factors at the community level,then quantify and compare the risk of the existence of the community to identify the main aspects of risk;Through the analysis of specific risk factors and the overall risk of the community,can be targeted to prevent the measures to enhance the cityís overall degree of fortification and security,and these has important value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Community, Risk, Evaluation
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