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Analysis Of The Cognitive Differences Between China And The United States On Building A New Type Of Great Power Relationship And Its Countermeasures

Posted on:2017-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330536956692Subject:International relations
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In recent years,with the rising of China's comprehensive strength,especially after China ranks the second largest economy in the world,the topic of how China and the with each other's relations in the new era has become hot issue.As the largest developing country and largest developed country,as well as permanent members of UNSC,China and the U.S.dealing with their relations is not only about the two countries alone,but also has impact on the global strategic pattern.Both China and the U.S.,even the whole world,face an important issue which is how to avoid the collision and conflict between an emerging power and an existing power.China and the U.S.are actively searching for the approach to handle the development of the bilateral relations in the right direction.In the process,Xi Jinping,president of China initiated to build a new-type major-country relation between China and the no conflict,mutual respect and win-win cooperation.In 2013,the two heads of state reached common ground on building a new-type major-country relation in Sunnylands.The two parties has exercised positive interaction since then according to the core elements of the concept.On the other hand,the two parties hold different perception and understanding on the subject.China and the U.S.share the same view on no conflict.Win-win cooperation is common belief on both sides.But the U.S.Side expresses grave misgivings on the notion of mutual respect and believe China aims to use the notion to make a series of requirements and frame the U.S.To know about the differences and make clear of their reason will be very helpful for both China and the view each other's strategic intent in a correct way,make reasonable policies,continue the right direction of China-US relations and keep the relation develop in a steady pace.The dissertation introduces the history of the concept of major country relation between China and the U.S.,compare the differences of perception of the conception between the two countries,analyse the main reason behind the differences,point out the structural contradiction and divergence.At the same time,it underlines the binding force of the contradiction and propose the approach and thought of building the relation from the point of view of China,including enhancing self-perception,keeping a good mentality,further confidence building,continuing strategic communication,keeping balance of Asia-pacific and strategiclly bonding Chin-US relation.
Keywords/Search Tags:New-type major-country relation between China and the U.S, China-US relations, structural contradiction, conception, build
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