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Research On The Legal System Of Regional Capital Markets In China

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In China,regional OTC-Market(Over-the-Counter Market),also known as "Four-board market",whose meaning is private equity markets for financing and securities transfer services for small and medium-sized enterprises in provincial-level administrative regions,following after the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange(Main-board or First-board market),Shenzhen stock exchange gem(Second-board market),National Equities Exchange and Quotations(New OTC market)afterward,it is a provincial and regional market.Currently,slow development is called as a "new normal" situation of our country national economy.From central to local,"public entrepreneurship" and "innovation" are setting off,the rapid development of SMEs are supporting,then the small and medium enterprises are more important in China's economic and social status.It is vital to promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized micro-enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises,regional capital market as a multi-level capital market dedicated to small and medium enterprises in the basic market,in support of "double innovation",in easing of micro-enterprise financing "dilemma" and the service economy,playing an important role no doubt.Meanwhile,there is a fact that due to the legal status is not clear,the relevant legal system defects,the market function is not perfect and other reasons,the legitimacy of regional capital market and standardized development has been severely constrained.Based on the main line of "A Study on the Legal System of Regional Capital Market in China",by comprehensively introducing the function orientation,main features and development of the regional capital market,this paper deeply analyzes the current situation of the legal system of regional capital market and its main flaws,meanwhile,the paper also combines the legal system of the overseas market and the domestic multi-level market comparative study,in order to propose the improvement of China's regional capital market legal system.Four chapters are included in this paper as following:The first chapter mainly introduces the overview,function orientation and development status of regional capital market.Based on the existed problems in the development of regional capital market and the internal relationship of different market,it is better to pave the way and prepare ready for the study of the defects on China's regional capital market legal system.The second chapter prefers to analysis "China's regional capital market development",the use of empirical analysis methods and related data,to study China's regional capital market since its inception from the development of the status,the development characteristics.Through the review of the development process and market practice of regional capital market,it evaluates the important role in building multi-level capital market system,supporting small and medium-sized micro-enterprises and serving the real economy,and it is also necessary and urgent to speed up the construction of regional capital market legal system with evidence.The third chapter refers "China's regional capital market legal system and defects analysis",focusing on the existing legal system of China's regional capital market,from the legal status unclear,the current legal system at low-level,top design and legislative norms missing,the transaction system being closed and so on,to analyze the main defects of the legal system of regional capital market.The fourth chapter writes "the direction of improvement for China's regional capital market legal system".In the first three chapters on the basis of research and analysis,to the problem-oriented,from the market position of the legal amendment,distribution and trading system of legal breakthrough,market supervision laws perfect,the regulation and innovation of information disclosure,the legislative proposal of regional market with five aspects,the paper puts forward the improvement direction of perfecting the legal system of regional capital market in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional Capital Markets, Small and Micro Enterprise Financing, Securities Law
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