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To Comprehensively Deepen The Research On The Causes And Resolution Of The Contradiction Between Doctors And Patients In The Process Of Reform

Posted on:2018-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330536973183Subject:Political Theory
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China's society is in a period of rapid development of social transformation with a social contradictions of the multiple period.At this stage of reform in the crucial period and deep water period,a variety of social contradictions highlighted,increased social risk for China's development put forward a severe test.In a comprehensive deepening of the reform process,a prominent manifestation of social contradictions is the spear of doctors and patients to stimulate.Doctor-patient relationship tension,doctor-patient contradictions to stimulate,has gradually become the focus of attention.Therefore,the improvement of doctor-patient relationship,the solution of the contradiction between doctors and patients is particularly important.Based on the previous research results,this paper analyzes the contradictory mechanism of doctors and patients and explores the mechanism of the contradiction between doctors and patients through the questionnaire survey of Chongqing Hospital from the perspective of multiple subjects.In addition to the introduction of this article,the main contains four parts.In the first part,the connotation of the contradiction between doctors and patients is defined,and the theoretical basis of this argument is introduced.First of all,to define and distinguish between doctors and patients disputes,medical disputes and medical accident;Secondly,it analyzes the essence of the contradiction between doctors and patients;and then sums up the characteristics of the contradiction between doctors and patients;Finally,it introduces the theoretical basis of this thesis,Mainly Marx's theory of contradiction,interest group theory,social conflict theory.In the second part,the questionnaire survey of Chongqing hospital was analyzed and summarized.This part of the medical staff and patients of the two subjects conducted a questionnaire survey,And then through quantitative analysis of medical personnel and patients to analyze the relationship between doctors and patients of the views,views and attitudes,As well as doctors and patients on the causes of doctor-patient contradictions and countermeasures and suggestions of ideas and ideas.The third part analyzes the causes of the contradiction between doctors and patients during the process of deepening reform.First of all,it analyzes the new features of doctor-patient contradiction.Then mainly from five aspects of the analysis of the causes of doctor-patient contradictions.First,the government guide the existence of defects;Second,the doctor positioning bias;Third,the patient lack of knowledge;Fourth,the hospital management is improper;Fifth,the social environment has an impact.The fourth part is to solve the contradiction between doctors and patients in the process of deepening reform.Mainly from the following aspects: First,to strengthen macro-control,improve the government functions;Second,regulate the professional conduct,play the role of doctors;Third,enhance patient awareness,safeguard the rights and interests of patients;Fourth,improve the hospital management and medical services;Fifth,to improve social propaganda and create a good environment.
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