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Research On The EIA Approval Support System Under The Background Of Shanghai's Simple Administration And Decentralization

Posted on:2018-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330542962474Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid development of economy and society,people’s demand for fresh air,clear water,clean environment,ecological products become more and more urgent,the government is also to provide more high-quality ecological public products as the goal,continue to deepen to the construction of the environmental management system and perfect,especially to strictly control the construction project environmental impact assessment approval the access threshold,from the source control of pollution impact on the environment.At present,the development of economy and the introduction of various projects all need the intervention of EIA approval,that is,the argumentation result of the environmental impact of the construction area,whether the construction project is carried out smoothly or not,is also a guarantee for the local public’s environmental interests.With the continuous transformation of government functions and the deepening of administrative examination and approval,under the background of administrative approval,decentralization and decentralization,the subordinate units have many problems for the implementation power of the approval authority and the real implementation effect.This paper is divided into three parts,the first part of the status our country and abroad with the approval of the EIA,expounds the research method and content,in the Q District of Shanghai for the actual penetration of public management theory with a detailed analysis of the current EIA approval system,in theory to analyze the important elements of the EIA approval system,and gradually build a decentralization approval system under the background of the EIA.The second part,through the status our country of the EIA approval in Shanghai Q area,summarizes and analyzes the shortcomings of the EIA approval system under the existing system,as well as the predicament for the future development of EIA approval.Through the form of research design,questionnaire survey,comprehensive analysis of data from defects of grass-roots government in Shanghai’s Q district the EIA approval system and imperfections,study and future development direction of the EIA approval system,and established a good EIA approval system.The third part on the basis of existing research,aiming at the deficiencies and shortcomings,find the corresponding countermeasures,starting from three angles,namely the environmental governance perspective,the perspective of the construction of the enterprises involved and involved the public point of view put forward feasible suggestions,which also has a certain practical significance for the future development of wholesale the EIA.
Keywords/Search Tags:EIA Approval, Decentralization, Pollution Control, Support System
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