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Research On Employment And Protection Mechanism Of Resettlement In Southern Shaanxi Resettlement Area

Posted on:2018-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542963098Subject:Social security
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Southern Shaanxi has steep mountain slope and barren land,the natural disaster is frequent and continual.The harsh natural environment causes life and production inconvenience to the local people,difficult living condition has bad effect on the income of local people directly,resulting in the poverty and less development opportunity.To eliminate the danger of natural disasters to local people and the long-term poverty caused by the natural endowment fundamentally,Shaanxi government launched a greatest migration project in Chinese history at the end of 2010,the government planned and promulgated the "Southern Shaanxi Relocation and Resettlement Overall Project",planning transfer 2400 thousand immigrants in 2011-2020.The resettlement policy has significant implication on eliminating poverty and repairing environment in southern Shaanxi.At the end of 2014,the relocation project in southern Shaanxi has completed 1/3 of overall planning,which is 880 thousand migration.The resettlement rate of Xunyang county,Ankang City has reached 61%,the moving out district environment has been restored,it means the relocation project,to some extent,has achieved some success.Removal from the deep mountain does not mean the end of the resettlement project,but the employment,the cornerstone of people’s livelihood,is a difficult and complex issue needs to be solved.This paper research the current situation of employment in resettlement area by the combination of field survey and theory innovation,list the problems existing in getting occupied,analyze the reasons for getting employed difficulty,and point out the measures to solve the specific problems.The core content of this paper includes four parts:The first part is the domestic and foreign research and theoretical basis of resettlement employment in relocation area.The basic theory includes full employment theory,labor transfer theory,human capital theory and institutional guarantee theory.The second part is the research on the current situation of resettlement employment in relocation area.Currently,the employment level is low,the delay is serious,the income is declining,the labor force is idle.The third part is the resettlement area employment problem and the reason.It is found that the migrant in the resettlement area have the problems which are lack of employment opportunities,Likely to be unemployed,lack of industrial support and assurance policy.These problems result from natural condition,the shortage of financial funds at all levels of governments,lack of training and the employment situation is rigorous.The fourth part points out the measures and suggestions to improve the employment guarantee mechanism of resettlement in southern Shaanxi relocation area.The proposal includes perfecting the public service safeguard mechanism,the fund guarantee mechanism,the industry support mechanism,the employment training mechanism,the legal policy guarantee mechanism and so on.It has practical significance to southern Shaanxi relocation and resettlement project.
Keywords/Search Tags:the area of southern Shaanxi, migration, employment security, development
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