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On The Speedy Procedure Of Criminal Cases In China

Posted on:2018-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,our country is in the period of economic structural adjustment and social deepening reform.This period is the period when criminal criminals are at a high incidence and the contradictions with fewer cases and more people continue to highlight.It is imperative to solve the problem that the judicial reform should be solved urgently to promote the complicated and diversified criminal cases.Problem,but also to improve the judicial quality of criminal cases,safeguarding the justice of the inevitable requirement.In 2014,the NPC demanded the pilot work on the two-year quick-firing criminal case in 18 cities including Beijing and Guangzhou respectively.On the basis of this,the NPC in 2016 authorized the trial of the quick-release procedure for pleading guilty.Through nearly three years of pilot data,it has been found that the quick procedure in criminal cases has achieved good social effects and litigation efficiency has been further improved,but there are still many deficiencies behind the achievements.This thesis introduces the concept of quick punishments in China’s minor criminal cases and their similarities and differences with the simplified ones through the method of comparative study.The legal system of extraterritorial procedures is listed,such as the summary procedure in the United Kingdom,the plea bargaining procedure in the United States,Germany punishment order,and analyzes the enlightenment of our country to the relevant systems in each country;lists the pilot status quo,existing deficiencies and shortcomings of the current quick criminal proceedings in our country;Finally,in light of the shortcomings of the current pilot process,In the future,the establishment of speed-arbitration proceedings on criminal cases made some relevant suggestions,such as the reasonable setting of applicable standards,the expansion of the scope of application of speed-arbitration proceedings,and the emphasis on strengthening the protection of the rights of parties under the speed-arbitration proceedings.It hoped to provide some reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal speedy trial procedure, Simple program, Program diversion
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