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On The Alternative Performance Of Loan Repayment In Private Lending

Posted on:2018-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Private lending plays an important role in solving the financial difficulties and circulating funds.With the development of economy,private lending plays an increasingly important role in real life,but there are also many difficulties,especially in the performance of some problems.As a result,vicarious performance provides a new way for repayment of loans.The core problem of private lending is the borrower perform for borrowing funds,according to the performance of private lending should be regulated from the system,the performance of the way toward the direction of diversification.Diversified ways of performance can take into account the interests of the lender(the creditor)and the borrower(debtor),and it is a good solution for the debtor to perform the dilemma.Therefore,this paper by combing the contract for alternative performance way,the main alternative ways to fulfill the obligations of the subject for whether or not to change,can be divided into two categories,one is the main alternative change performance,one is to change the way the alternative performance.Also,there are specific segments for the two kinds of classification of the replacement of the main changes to the performance including debt and third people to perform,the subject does not change including repossession,specific to the two ways of how to use,we need to conduct a careful analysis of the two alternative ways to perform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vicarious performance, Debt accession, Debt paying, Means of performance
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