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Research On The Status Quo And Countermeasures Of New Cooperative Medical Legislation In Tibetan Farming And Pastoral Areas

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330566966258Subject:National Law
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The cooperative medical treatment in the Tibet autonomous region has brought medical care to the vast number of farmers and herdsmen,and has played an important role in the health of the farmers and herdsmen.However,with the development of the society and the improvement of the people’s awareness of the rule of law,cooperative medical care needs the standard system to guarantee.In autonomous region in recent years,the adult and the standing committee is put forward to use the legislative right of the construction of the rule of law in Tibet,create a new situation of the rule of law construction in Tibet,to strengthen the legislation as the key to improve and guarantee the people’s livelihood.In 2013,the government of the autonomous region introduced regulations on cooperative medical care in rural areas,but the system of cooperative medical care needs to be further regulated by law enforcement.The author collects relevant data through field research method,interview method and literature review method to ensure the authenticity of data collection..Under the premise of the article introduces the research background of cooperative medical literature overview,and then introduces the running status of cooperative medical care system in our country various places of our country legislation present situation and the analysis of cooperative medical care has carried on the simple summary;Then,the author elaborates on the cooperative medical system and the legislativestatus of the Tibet agricultural and pastoral area,and concludes the problems existing in the legislation of cooperative medical treatment in Tibet.Finally the author based on the analysis of the village and herding area of Tibet on the basis of the necessity and feasibility of legislation of cooperative medical treatment,put forward the legislative proposals,mainly for expanding the scope of the service people,improve the supervision of cooperative medical care system and improve the party’s legal liability,and formulate the relevant new pastoral areas cooperative medical regulations to further stabilize the operation of cooperative medical care system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tibet, New agriculture and pastoral area cooperative medical care, Legislative proposal
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