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A Study On The Life Experience Of Young Children In The Garden From The Perspective Of Educational Phenomenology

Posted on:2017-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S K GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2357330485496393Subject:Pre-primary Education
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In the recent years, more and more researchers have been made studies from the view of children. And then, more and more people began to listen to the sounds of children and care about the children's lived experience.From the phenomenology angle,lived experience has the meaning of ontology and we can prompt a review of it through studying. So, the researcher try to get the preschool children's lived experience in the kindergarten then find the meaning of this life to the preschool children in the study.In this study, the object is from S kindergarten Panyu Distract in Guangzhou. The researcher lived with these preschool children and wrote their feelings in the daily l ife in the kindergarten. Meanwhile, the researcher arranged complex emotions under the main basic emotions and describe them: relaxation & cheeriness; excitement & restless; anxiety & worrying; stifness & looseness;angry&resentful.Through the describing of these complex emotions, the researcher got three topics: grown in the relations; aspiring to the independence & belonging of requirement.In the end of study, the researcher suggest that we should make a relationship between the teachers and the preschool children in the kindergarten. And this relationship will be beneficial to the growth of preschool children. Firstly, the teachers should try to understand and respect the preschool children; secondly, the teachers should be equal to the prescho ol children and make a dialogue with them.
Keywords/Search Tags:phenomenological pedagogy, preschool children, life in the kindergarten, lived experience
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