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Dynamic Study On Physical Fitness Of High School Students In Qingdao City

Posted on:2018-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Teenagers are the future of our motherland,who is China's economic construction and development of the successor,and take the shoulders on the responsibility of building the motherland in the future.Health is the basic premise for the youth to service for the motherland and is the people is a reflection of the Chinese nation strong vitality.Under many years background of education reform,the physical health of teenagers reflects the country reform and its achievement from "exam-oriented education" to "quality education",which takes more and more attention and be promoted by the state.Regard to all kinds of data of each school students physical health test,the physical health of middle school students is not optimistic: strength,endurance,speed are showing a certain degree of decline,which affect the students' growth and learning and affect the balanced development of the middle school students' qualities.Therefore,along with the advancement of education reform,how to effectively prevent teenagers physical fitness in the downward trend,cultivate the exercise habits of teenagers are subjects which is a urgently need for physical education workers to explore and research.Through the literature material law,expert interview method,experimental method,mathematical statistics,etc.this article do the status tracking mode analysis of Qingdao 2262 students physical development in 5 city ordinary high school classes of 2014,the results showed that:1.In terms of body shape,three years,Qingdao high school males and females' height all showed a trend of rising,which is superior to the national level.However,the weight showed the trend of decline after rising first,and compared with the national average,the difference also reduced year by year.Although the overall development is good,but also has a few malnutrition and obesity phenomenon exists.2.In terms of body function,vital capacity index increased with age.No matter males and females in Qingdao municipal ordinary high school,their vital capacity level were higher than the national level.In the first year,proportion of the males who are excellent,good and failed were higher than females,passed males proportion is less than the female students.In the second year,boys proportion of outstanding students and girls are equal,good students is higher than the proportion of girls,boys to pass the exam and failed the proportion of students is lower than girls.In the third year,males good and pass the proportion of students are lower than females,good and failed male students is higher than the females.3.In terms of physical quality,compared the three years in high school,the quality of the male and female speed showed the trend of rising first and down later.Even so,among the Qingdao city ordinary high school students,the speed quality of male and the female are superiorto the national level;The tendency of the explosive performance males on the rise,and the female is stability but down little.All power performance is better than the national average,but the difference is reduced year by year;The grade of females flexible quality is on the rise,higher than the national average.The male is in a declining trend,slightly lower than the national level;Male and female endurance quality is declining,but it is still significantly higher than the national level;Power quality of the male and females is rising to some extent,but the males muscular endurance lower than the national average,and the difference in the gradually widening,female's muscular endurance is superior to the national level,and difference also expanded year by year.4.Qingdao Boys High School in addition to upper limb strength score is lower than the national average,the results are better than the national average level is lower than the national average level;boys except flexibility and strength of upper limbs and high grades at school,other grades are better than the national average.Qingdao girls are better than the whole country in their physical shape,physical function and physical quality at the time of "high","second grade","senior" and "senior three"Recommendation: 1.The overall development of senior high school students in Qingdao is in good condition,and some students with poor nutrition and obesity should be targeted.Find a reasonable way to get students out of the classroom and dormitory,and get more involved in physical exercise.2.Three years of high school students is the fastest growing period of physical development,all-round and balanced development of students' physical quality.3.In the classroom teaching,change the traditional teaching philosophy of physical education,students of various qualities of comprehensive exercises,enrich the content of physical education.Make innovations in boring sports,and use the elastic belt and yoga mat as a safety gadget.
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