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Research On The Path Of New Undergraduate Colleges To Transition To Applied Universities

Posted on:2018-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The transition from the newly-founded undergraduate colleges to application-oriented universities is not only the result of the policy,but also the need to adapt to the adjustment of the economic structure and the access to develop themselves.On 16th November,2015,the Ministry of Education,the Development and Reform Commission,the Ministry of Finance in jointly promulgated the "guidance on the local undergraduate colleges and universities to the application of the transformation of guidance," clearly put forward"......promote the transition from newly-founded undergraduate colleges that are equipped with possibility to application-oriented undergraduate colleges.By this policy,showing the state for The transition from newly-founded undergraduate colleges to application-oriented universities actively encourage attitude,in addition,with the continuous prosperity and development of China’s economy,the industrial structure of our country also changes profoundly,from labor-intensive industries to knowledge intensive and technology intensive,so the social requirements for talents has also undergone a qualitative change.As the main body of talent training,but the college must adapt to the changing times,the require for talents.UNESCO divides the universities into three types,namely,academic research,professional application,occupation skill,there is a common phenomenon in China,all universities hope to do academic research,a larger number of universities are same as each other,new undergraduate colleges are currently in a "pincer attack" dilemma,if they change to be the development of academic type,neither education nor accumulation,strong support for scientific research,if change to be the occupation type,neither hardware nor skilled teachers,newly established universities must get rid of the dilemma,we must explore a suitable development access.To sum up,It is of great significance for the research on transformation from newly-founded undergraduate colleges to application-oriented universities..The methods used in this study are literature research and case study.Literature research is mainly studying the domestic and foreign literatures on university transformation,case study method,this study is based on the X College as the research target,X College is a newly-founded undergraduate college in Shaanxi Province,since 2014 it was selected as the transformation of the university,conducted a series of exploration.Do a research on X College,I mainly take the interview method to get detailed information.This study is divided into five chapters,the first chapter is the introduction,including the background significance of the topic,the method used in this study,as well as the definition of the relevant concepts,etc.The second chapter is the access to exploration,through the X College leadership,teacher interviews,the X College has been in the exploration of applied undergraduate course results,this study mainly summarizes the beneficial exploration in seven aspects;The third chapter are difficulties about access,evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of X College during transition.The fourth chapter is experience about access,combing the development of University applied domestic and foreign experience;the fifth chapter is the thinking about access,based on the study of X College,as well as the model of application-oriented University of domestic and international experience,put forward the development access of the transformation from newly-founded colleges to application-oriented universities.
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