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Research On Construction Of OTC Marketing Mode For Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Posted on:2015-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the in-depth reform of Chinese medical system,as well as the continuous improvement of material and spiritual civilization in the society,the rules of game in the pharmaceutical market will experience constant change accordingly.It is foreseeable that the competition in the future pharmaceutical market will become fiercer and fiercer.How to enhance the competitiveness at present stage and adapt to the development direction in the future,grasp the market orientation,and implement advanced and rational marketing strategy is an urgent problem to be solved by the pharmaceutical enterprises.In the view of the enterprises,this problem is not only a challenge but also a development opportunity for standing out.The marketing mode of the enterprise is deemed as the first priority for the solution.This paper is intended to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the marketing modes existing in some of OTC markets at the present stage so as to find a mode adaptable to the OTC marketing at the present stage and to prospect the development direction in the future.This paper consists of seven chapters.Through analysis of the development condition of the Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers at the present stage and the current situation of OTC marketing mode,it makes an overall analysis on the competition pattern of the pharmaceutical market in China on the basis of the current research status at home and abroad combined with the marketing characteristics of OTC products.Furthermore,based on analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of various marketing modes in OTC market,this paper puts forward the solution and corresponding policies so as to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition.Chapter ?:Introduction.Chapter ?:Overview of Relevant Theories and Concepts.Chapter ?:Analysis on Development Condition of Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.Chapter ?:Current Situation of OTC Marketing Mode for Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufactures.Chapter ?:Establishment and Implementation Strategies for OTC Marketing Mode for Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.Chapter ?:Case Analysis-Analysis on Application of OTC Marketing Mode for Products from Hainan Bikai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.Chapter ?:Conclusions.On the basis of the elaboration and analysis made above,this paper points out the problems in the OTC marketing mode for Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers at present stage,explain the necessity to establish the new OTC marketing mode meeting the need of the current market,puts forward the relatively feasible mode of terminal maintenance + distribution + brand promotion(Initiating in the mode of health transfer).In the practice,by applying the knowledge of marketing management and other disciplines,the mode of originating from theory and then going back to theory is established.While determining the victory at the retailing terminal,make use of the appropriate,convenient,and practically operable methods to introduce experiential marketing and brand marketing,so as to provide specific and highly feasible measures and methods for the sustainable development of medium and small-sized OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers suitable for marketing mode,so that such manufacturers will not be shriveled against the pharmaceutical manufacturers with compelling advantage;furthermore,it clearly shows a path and enriches the marketing means for a great number of medium and small-sized OTC pharmaceutical enterprises,which are desirable to carry out brand propaganda but unable to do so due to the lack of fund.By changing the marketing mode,it is possible to achieve the goal of enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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