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Resach On The Situation Of Small And Micro Enterprises In Undeveloped Areas And The Support Of Finance Policy

Posted on:2017-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512460057Subject:Public Management
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Small and micro enterprises are the important fundamental of national economic and social development,they are also the important channel of increasing positions and enriching peoples,they played an important role in expanding employment,increasing income,improving people's livelihood,promote stability,increasing tax income and spread the market economy.Small and micro enterprises are important part of our country's businesses,they are small,low and wide distributed.But nowadays,small and micro enterprises had big problems in financing,it becomes the major factor in its survival and development.Although the Chinese Government has always attached importance to the financing of small and micro enterprises,the Government issued a number of supportive policies and measures,but financing problems still exist.It causes the attention of the Government and social community,it becomes an outstanding problems in economic and social development.,In Shangrao,the three or four less-developed cities in Jiangxi province,small and micro enterprise is still lack of development,due to the lack of education,low income of residents,few social capital,lower level of openness,high dependence on loans from financial institutions.While financial institutions financing in less developed areas,they mainly focused on supporting large enterprises in natural monopoly industry,the standard of loan to the small and micro enterprises is much higher than that of large companies,and they prefer small short-term loans.Because small and micro enterprises cannot borrow long-term loans,they make short-term loan and return in long time,it led to increased overdue loan.Meanwhile,financial services designed specifically for small and micro enterprises in less developed areas are less than that in developed areas,it further increased the difficulty of financing by small and micro enterprises.This article has analysis the present financing situation of small and micro enterprises in Shangrao,it also analysis the causes of the financing problems.Through the analysis of domestic and international experience in supporting small and micro enterprises financing,this article proposed a suggestion for solve these problems,which is work it out with the combination of Government,enterprises and financial institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undeveloped areas, Small and micro enterprises, financing, support of finance
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