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Research On The Effects Of Financial Efficiency On Economic Growth In Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2017-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As is well-known,finance plays an important role in economic development.Especially since the reform open policy,as the determination of market economic system and the rapid development of domestic economy,the financial industry has been rapid development and progress.In this process,the financial industry contributing to the economy has more the growing.Because the financial efficiency can improve the efficiency and speed of economic growth,and plays a decision role,many scholars treat the financial efficiency as a focal point of the economy.At the same time,the interaction relationship between financial efficiency and economic growth has also been hot spot of academic discussion in recent years.In modern market economy system,the financial industry is an important factor,and financial efficiency has arguably played a special role in promoting the process of economic development.Low or high financial efficiency has gradually gained the recognition.In a region or country,degree of rapid economic development will directly decide its regional or national comprehensive strength.And one of the stand of economic development has directly determined of corresponding financial efficiency.This is no denying the fact that the efficiency of the high financial running is bound to a country or region economic rapid development.Under the One Belt and One Road strategy and the development of new economic normal background for the economic development of the country or region will create new development opportunities,it is also true of Inner Mongolia and therefore must seize this opportunity to promote regional development.There are in the process of economic development in a large number of influencing factors,including financial undoubtedly indispensable,since it is not only provide the necessary funding for the construction of economic development,but also provide capable of rational allocation of resources for funding.When the supply of financing and allocation of funds financial efficiency of the role of stand out.Therefore,in promoting economic development in Inner Mongolia,an important step in the process is the analysis of financial efficiency in Inner Mongolia,Inner Mongolia to study how it affects economic growth.Author of Inner Mongolia economy of the entire region as a starting point,and then analyzed the financial efficiency of economic development in Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia in the end there is how the team kind of impact.On the basis of the theoretical part of the study,including the theory of financial efficiency and economic growth theory,on this basis,and then analyzes the impact of the financial efficiency of the team in Inner Mongolia's economic growth and the like.Empirical analysis using factor analysis,measurement analysis.During which the use of Factor Analysis of Financial Efficiency Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia mobilize savings rate,investment rate and the conversion rate of savings to invest in investments and overall financial efficiency empirical analysis,followed by the use of quantitative analysis method to analyze the financial efficiency of the Inner Mongolia region of Inner Mongolia the impact of economic growth,both obtained relationship.After conducting an empirical analysis of the empirical results are summarized,and Inner Mongolia proposed to improve financial efficiency savings mobilization rate from Inner Mongolia,investment and savings to invest in efficiency conversion rate of investment in three aspects,and so to promote economic development in Inner Mongolia.The main conclusions: Overall,the financial efficiency of the Inner Mongolia region show "from weak to strong,and then weakening" trend.Comprehensive financial efficiency of the Inner Mongolia region,although there have been a downward trend,but on the whole is constantly upgrading,indicating the financial industry in Inner Mongolia in progress,financial efficiency has been improving;through quantitative analysis,savings mobilization rate of Inner Mongolia,savings-investment conversion investment rate and economic growth rate and the Inner Mongolia region to invest in the long term there is a relationship.It is also important conclusion of this article.In the quantitative analysis,we see that the rate of savings mobilization in Inner Mongolia,the savings-investment conversion rate and investment rate to invest in Inner Mongolia on the impact of economic growth is positive.However,on the economic impact of the mobilization of savings rate,savings and investment,investment conversion rate is to invest their own differences.Finally,the rate of savings mobilization,investment and savings rates to invest in investment improve the overall conversion efficiency point of view of financial efficiency in Inner Mongolia,and promote economic development.
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