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E-service Quality,Customer Engagement Impact On The Customer Loyalty Of Agricultural Product E-business Platform

Posted on:2017-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512474495Subject:Business management
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With the popularity of computer networks and advances in information technology,online shopping has become a major way.At the same time,selectable items online shopping have become more and more rich.Among them,the net purchase of agricultural products is becoming a new growth trend.The speed of China’s agricultural development of electronic business platform is very fast,have appeared such as Taobao,Jingdong vegetables area;and some diverse platforms like SF and Food Insect net and so on to provide customers with more choices.Currently,the agricultural products business platform has entered into the era of homogeneity,customer loyalty is not easy to maintain,and it has become an important issue of agricultural products business platform.Therefore,from the customer’s perspective on how to improve the experience and level of service of electronic business platform to achieve engagement and loyalty,become the focus of attention of scholars.Existing research results show that the electronic service quality directly effects customer loyalty.Hence improving the quality of service is an important means of competition means.The traditional theory of general customer relations service quality,customer satisfaction and customer loyalty model explains the relations between knowledge and practice.But in today’s e-business background,customer satisfaction does not necessarily lead to loyalty.Therefore,on the basis of existing theory,this paper try to focus on the influence between the electronic service quality and customer loyalty.At the same time,customer engagement is also considered and together established a new model.In the model,the electronic service quality is the independent variable,customer engagement is mediator,customer loyalty is dependent variable.The emperical test is conducted by using the data processing software SPSS19.0 and AMOS21.0 to analyze the 403 questionnaires gained from random interviews and online fill out.The test shows that the electronic service quality(process quality,outcome quality,recovery quality)has a prominent positive effect on customer engagement and so does the engagement to loyalty;The process and outcome quality not only directly influence customer loyalty,but also have an indirect influence on it by affecting the customer engagement.On one hand,these theories rich the traditional customer relation model by introducing the customer engagement as intervening variable,which is more correspondent to current online shopping environment..On the other hand,this paper is conducted with the premier of electronic agriculture product business background,the result can supply some practical management advice for developing customer loyalty in this field.Nevertheless,there are also some deficiencies in this article and they are as the followings:First,despite the fact that the object of the study has covered many agricultural e-business platforms,they are all the high profile ones,which means the representativeness may not universal.Second,we collected data from the most popular platforms customer use.Although the result of the model has well testified,the lack of clarification of the platforms makes the result in need of the further verification.Last but not least is that there are some other relevant moderators(such as personal characteristics,Category of agricultural products)that should be taken in to the spectrum of the research so that the model can be completed and then it can supply us with more accurate and systematic information.
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