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Study On The Image Brand Of Health Product On Customers’ Perception

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of Internet technology,web brought social media for life today the number of new media.More and more people use this kind of new media,and use them to convey information.The spread of corporate marketing tool has been changed,many enterprises began to pay attention to social media,word of mouth effect.Attaches great importance to the effect of word of mouth at the same time,the enterprise’s brand image has become so important.And for the world’s second largest health care products sales market,local health food brands within the Chinese market,it seems,are still not fully realize the importance of social media.Chaos and wit of Chinese health food market need flexible its traditional brand concept and the backward marketing methods.Based on this,this article on the basis of absorbing the predecessors’ research experience,combination of bell brand image model,to explore health food brand,social media,as well as the relations between and among the customer perceived value.Hope that through this article research,marketing practice to make a little contribution to health products industry.Through the model building and empirical test,and ultimately to the following conclusion:(1)health care products brand image in the process of consumers to buy,will affect the customer’s perceived value.Combined with the fourth chapter gives the results of the study,we concluded that health care products brand image affects the consumers’ perceived customer value conclusion.In addition,we also can find that health care products enterprise image,product image and user image is also the cause of customer perceived value.(2)health care products brand image can influence consumer social media release about health care products related content.According to the research data show that the brand image is one of the important factors affecting the social media,and we can also find,corporate image,product image and user image is cause the role of social media.(3)health product brand information via social media,affect consumers’perceived value will affect consumers to buy the product.In this paper,the research results show that through social media,brand content,can the function of the positive influence on consumer perceived value,emotional value and social value.The change of consumers’ perceived value,will directly affect the final buying decision.(4)social media spread in brand image and has a mediating role between customer perceived value.Social media has changed the customer perceived value,its role is not just for businesses and consumers to establish a high efficient flow of information channels,social media can itself under the influence of brand image,also influence customer perceived value.Consumers recognize enterprise corporate image,product image and user image,will be using the personal social media,for the enterprise,form a word-of-mouth effect.Once the information transfer formed the scale,has become the topic,will be a large area of the entire brand consumer purchases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bell model, The brand image, Social media, Customer perceived value
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