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City Commercial Bank Cross-regional Business Risk Control Research

Posted on:2017-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the environment of China’s financial reform,"city commercial banks," the special financial institutions came into being,to provide more comprehensive financial services for local economic development.City commercial banks to set up the original intention is to fill gaps in financial services,to provide more support in front of China’s economic construction,rather than the expansion in the first place.City commercial banks in a particular city as the scope of services in place to resolve the financial risk has played a positive role.But as sophisticated as well as its own development and growth of China’s financial system,city commercial banks internal competition increasingly fierce,is not conducive to the healthy and stable development of the bank.To this end,countries have developed and implemented a series of financial supervision of the New Deal,the scientific development of city commercial banks to constrain and guide.At the same time,state-controlled commercial banks in promoting reform,its outlets,capital,brands and personnel continue to strengthen,and improve the level of business;large joint-stock commercial banks in promoting financial innovation,the overall strength of continuous improvement.In the trend of regional economic integration,expanding the range of financial services,cross-regional flow of capital deepening,the specific needs of financial services has been continuously enriched.For a small area of small and medium business customers as the core of the city commercial banks,cross-regional services and diversified business has become inevitable,the traditional single-mode service has been unable to meet market demand,the main factor limiting the development of the bank.From research and development status of the analysis of the pattern of city commercial banks,city commercial basis in the description set forth the concept and the development of history,the refining and summarize the specific content of inter-regional operations.Then the status quo of cross-regional business risks were analyzed for the existing problems and shortcomings,specifically the City firm major risk of cross-regional development that exist and explore analytical solutions for risk content,to further enhance the City firm’s own management and financial regulatory level,for the development of cross-regional city commercial banks to provide adequate safeguards to ensure its healthy and stable development of the country’s economic development and make greater contribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:City Commercial Bank, cross regional development, development strategy
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