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Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation

Posted on:2017-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512962427Subject:Project management
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Science and technology is the first productive force,the enterprise must constantly push ourselves in the process of development of technological innovation,form with independent intellectual property core technology system,and improve enterprise's core competitiveness.Technology innovation is the impulsion of enterprise development,is the enterprise to achieve healthy and sustainable development important foundation,promote the improvement of the enterprise organization form of technological innovation and improving the efficiency of management,so that enterprises continuously improve efficiency,and constantly adapt to the requirements of economic development.After eighteen,the Chinese government proposed innovation-driven strategy to promote reform and promote economic restructuring and development,and create a much-innovation through technological innovation,new situation of public entrepreneurship.Technology innovation is the enterprise to improve existing products,develop new products,improve the production process or service technical activities,enterprise technology innovation model including technology introduction,independent innovation and cooperative innovation.Small and medium-sized enterprise occupies an important position in the national economic development,especially in the Chinese economy at present stage by high-speed growth stage of economic normalization,more intense market competition,technology innovation has become the key factor for enterprise survival and development.Face financial pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises in technology innovation,shortage of talents,backward mechanism,risk higher adverse factors,form of technological innovation and the connotation but also reflect the new features.So the technology innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the opportunities and challenges,to explore the development of small and medium-sized enterprises technology innovation model has important theoretical and practical significance.Small and medium-sized enterprises through chemical research and development of new products and the improvement of production technology for the enterprise to create economic benefits,prompting companies grow and grow.Tongling rely technology co.,LTD is a typical small and medium-sized enterprises,have a certain size and strength,how to use technology innovation theory and strategic management method for enterprise technology innovation strategy management,enterprise to realize the sustainable development,is an important research subject.This paper aims to tongling rely technology co.LTD industry market environment,analyzing the present situation and problems of enterprise technology innovation base and technological innovation,using the related theory of technology innovation,combining theory with practice,investigation and comparative analysis methods,such astechnological innovation ability evaluation company,summarized the innovation ability development method.Based on this around the enterprise development strategy,and puts forward technical innovation ability development strategic goal and innovation mechanism,analysis of enterprise technology innovation ability implementation countermeasures and preventive measures of technology innovation risk.put forward reasonable Suggestions and measures with pertinence,and promote the development of industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:technology, innovation, The ability to develop, Strategy, Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)
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