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The Spatial Influence Of Technology Choice,Upgrade Of Industrial Structure And Economic Growth

Posted on:2017-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330512972038Subject:Quantitative Economics
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At present,with the level of science and technology continues to progress,global market competition is increasingly intense.The key to the economic development of the developing countries lies in the combination of technology and industry.In order to realize the sustainable development of regional economy,it should be based on the corresponding technology,and this technology should be established in various regions of the economic,technical level and technical system in the area of accumulation.Choice of technology can achieve technical advantages for a national or regional development,promoting the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure,and it is also conducive to regional economic sustainable growth.The central economic work conference in 2016 also pointed out that in order to stable economic growth,we should pay more attention to the supply side reforms,adjust the industrial structure.Therefore,the intrinsic relationship between the upgrading of the technique choice,industrial structure and economic growth is important for the government to formulate the policy of regional development.Nowadays,the research on the relationship about the technology choice,the industrial upgrading and the economic growth was too scarce,and many scholars just stayed in the causal relationship between the two.Based on the literature review on the system,firstly,this paper used Chinese provincial panel data from 1997 to 2013,and the regional differences of technology choice,industrial structure upgrading and economic growth were analyzed.Secondly,this paper constructed a semi-parametric panel space vector auto-regressive model,and then this paper empirically analyzed the time lag effect and the spillover effect of the technology choice,the industrial structure upgrading and the economic growth by using the spatial and temporal impulse response function.In addition,this paper also introduced the non-parametric term of the degree of openness,and then this paper also discussed the important role of trade openness in the development of regional economy.There are several findings in the study.Firstly,from the perspective of space,technology choice,industrial structure upgrading and economic growth was not only the existence of different levels of regional differences,but also presented a positive spatial correlation.Technology choice of backward areas was difficult to benefit from the spillover effect of economic growth,and they need to combine their own resources,to choose their own development technology.In most of our country,the industrial structure of the developed cities was gradually upgraded to high value,and the spatial spillover effect of economic growth was more than that of the economic growth.Economic growth indirectly promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of the province,and then through the role of spatial spillover effect in the surrounding provinces,the low value of the provinces to attach importance to this spatial spillover effect.Secondly,from the time and space impulse response function,when it comes to a positive impact from technology choice,industrial structure upgrading and economic growth,the response to the other regions of the various variables need to eliminate the impact of 5 years.Technology choice,the upgrading of the industrial structure and economic growth impact each other,most of them showing positive response characteristics,which also reflects from the side of the local governments through the surrounding provinces of the spatial spillover effect of perspective to think about the development of its own strategy.Thirdly,from derivative map view,the effect of the level of opening to the outside world on technology choice and the industrial structure upgrading have been in a state of fluctuation.And they all present a "N" type of character.The effect of opening to the outside world on economic growth is relatively stable at first,and then presents the"inverted U" type characteristics.In a word,there is no obvious linear relationship among the industrial structure upgrading and the economic growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology Choice, Upgrade of Industrial Structure, Economic Growth, Semi-parametric Panel Space Vector Auto-regression Model, Impulse Response Function Analysis
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