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Research On The Influence Of Customer Interaction On Customer Innovation Performance Based On Value Co-creation

Posted on:2017-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512974575Subject:Business management
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Under the background of public entrepreneurship and innovation,innovation has become an important breakthrough in all walks of life to deal with transformation of the Internet.With the development of information technology and the wide application of social media networks,the role and the way of achieving value of enterprise and consumer is changing.The enterprise is no more value providers.And the consumer is no more value consumer.People are realizing that customer value is playing an important role in value innovation.Under the guidance of the theory to create value,businesses and consumers interacting to create value realization is also increasingly becoming an important marketing campaign.And more and more companies began to encourage customers to participate in the process of research and development,production and delivery service.And they actively provide consumers with interactive communication platform and strive to create opportunities to fully interact with customers to achieve create value.Now scholars at home and abroad focus on the co-creation theory,and their starting points of research are the customersí participation behavior,consuming behavior and customersí involvement character of innovation when they do research about the interaction and communication between customers and enterprises.Through collecting the related theory,we found that most scholars just focus on the customersí participation in the knowledge transfer,and customersí satisfaction in innovation performance.We found that there is a lack of the analysis of the connotation and the dimension of the interactions of customers and enterprises.Therefore,this study has the following significance:(1)to help with perfecting the related theory of the interaction of customers and enterprises,and providing a good theoretical basis for future empirical research.Throughout the predecessorsí research literature,most scholarsí research base on the interaction between customers and enterprises both from the perspective of customer participation,from the dimension of the interaction of enterprises and customers research is less.There is also a lack of accurate definition of the interaction of customers and enterprises,the theoretical research and empirical study is not very mature.This paper amply analysis of enterprise and customer interaction of three latitude to the customerís role in the innovation performance starting from the research angle of view of value co-creation.(2)Reading related articles about customer perceived value,we found the domestic and foreign scholars have complete specific research on customer perceived value theory.But there is a lack of the content of the research for their mutual influence base on co-creation theory.In this paper,we will explore the relationship between the three dimensions though empirical research.We discussed the role of customer perceived value in co-creation.The interaction of enterprise and customer can improve customer value.And the customer value can improve customer innovation.This research can extend the research of customer value.And it also lay the foundation for customer innovationís further study.This thesis generally consists of six main parts:The fist part is the introduction of background,possible innovations and the framework of this paper;the second part is the literature review of interaction of company and customer,customer perceived value and user innovation performance;the third part is try to construct a reach model and propose three hypotheses according boundary theory and prior studies;the fourth part is the research design,procedures of the data collection will be introduced,the sample characteristics and the measures of the constructs will be will be describe;the fifth part is about data analysis,we will use hierarchical regression to test our hypotheses;the sixth part is discussion,the conclusion will be discussed and the limitations and future reach will be point out.The main conclusions can be drawn from this thesis are as follows:First,interaction of enterprises and customer have a positive impact on the customer innovation performance.Interaction of enterprises and customer will increase user innovation.Second,interaction of enterprises and customer will increase customer perceived value based on co-creation.Interaction of enterprises and customer can directly improve customerís experience and perceive.Third,customer perceived value will increase user innovation performance based on co-creation.The more royal the customer are,the more innovation they will achieve.Fourth,customer perceived value plays a mediating effect in the interaction of enterprises and customer and user innovation performance.Interaction of enterprises and customer will increase customer perceived value.Customer perceived value influence the output of customer innovation further.To sum up,this paper argues that the enterprise should set the idea of value creating strategic thinking.They should actively encourage customers to participate in the process of enterprise research and development,production and service.Enterprises should fully make great efforts from the customer authorization,information sharing and interpersonal interaction and shape a better interactive environment for customers.At the same time,enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation of the customer perceived value and establish a good image in the customer and encourage innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Co-creation, Interaction of enterprises and customer, customer innovation, Customer perceived value
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