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The Research Of Website Customers Engagement Behavior Based On The Theory Of Attachment

Posted on:2017-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of market economy and Internet,great changes have taken place in both kinds and influence for customersí behavior.Today,customer behavior is not limited to a single purchase behavior,some ways have a greatly effect on the development for the firm,for instance:interaction,help other customers,and some social media.Generally,the humans going to taobao,jingdong is to go shopping rather than making friends,and also people using QQ is to make friends instead of going shopping.But now,some e-commerce websites are enhancing their social function,such as jiongdong.Also QQ and other social network also have introduced the function of shopping.The more popular social network Wechat is not only a platform for making friends but also a shopping platform.Does this cross boundary operation have a impact on the userís behavior?Do Userís shopping activities produce social interaction?In view of this phenomenon,there is a concept meaning customer engagement behavior.Customer engagement behavior refers to the customer for some motivation and focus on a business or brand of trading behavior and non trading behavior,this non transactional behavior mainly includes written proposal,WOM,recommendation,help other customers,write a blog,write a review etc.Customer engagement behavior,the development of the service marketing in a new research field.Because of the customer engagement behavior is a new research field,academia on customer engagement behavior of research is relatively narrow,most scholars focus on customer engagement behavior concept,only a handful of customer engagement behavior antecedents and outcomes of exploratory research.Therefore,this study focus on the formation process of customer engagement behavior.First of all,in this study,we sorted out the customer engagement behavior from some related research.Ningning Jing(2015)that mentioned in the future research direction of the "customer engagement behavior",hoping of the future to explore how to carry out the management of customer engagement and what kind of measures and methods to attract consumers to achieve the behavior,so we defined the concept of customer engagement behavior and related theoretical foundation based on the research.It was found that there were few researches on the guiding enterprises to meet the customerís behavior,and the research on the formation process of the customerís behavior from the emotional point of view was very little.However,according to the stimulus body response theory(S-O-R)and the model of the formation mechanism of the customer engagement behavior,it is a better research way to study the customer engagement behavior from the emotional field.And there is little empirical research on the relationship between attachment and customer engagement behavior in the B2C online shopping context.But Ningning Jin speculated more empirical research on the future needs of the study on the customer engagement behavior.Therefore,this paper explores the nature of the web based on attachment theory in the context of B2C online shopping context of the study of the customer engagement behavior of the website.Attachment theory(Theory Attachment)was originally proposed by the British psychologist Bowlby based on the emotional responses of infants and mothers.In marketing,it refers to the emotional attachment of the subject to the object,the main body is the consumer,and the object is the store,the website and other shopping places and products.This article has carried on the detailed research to the website for this object,proposed the website attachment this concept.Website attachment refers to the cognitive and emotional psychological bond formed between the consumer and the specific web sites,as well as the preference and exclusive use of the website.Based on Hedonic model and the practical model of two types of consumers and found pleasure consumers pay more attention to the sense of community,and practical consumers pay more attention to their own needs being satisfied,i.e.customer orientation.At the same time,this paper found that the sense of community and customer orientation is an important factor in the influence of website attachment,although before also have scholars have done the research on the influence of sense of community and customer orientation of emotional attachment,but no research on customer engagement behavior influence.In addition,this paper also verifies the moderating effect of consumer attachment avoidance level on Web site attachment and customer engagement behavior,which provides theoretical guidance for the effective distribution of relationship resources.Through the above analysis,the sense of community and customer oriented as the antecedent variables,websites attachment as an intermediary variable,customer engagement behavior as the outcome variable,the impact the research a sense of community and customer orientation to customer engagement behavior and websites attachment play intermediary role,and probe consumer personality(attachment avoidance)impact on the relationship between the role of the combination of website attachment and customer engagement behavior.Secondly,through the literature review,this paper puts forward the relevant theoretical hypothesis,and constructs the research model of the customer engagement behavior.Finally,a questionnaire survey is carried out for the majority of Internet users,and the data are statistically analyzed by correlation analysis and regression analysis method,which verified the correlation hypothesis and theoretical model.From the research,it is found that website attachment plays a partial intermediary role in customer engagement behavior and customer orientation.It also plays a partial intermediary role in customer engagement behavior and a sense of community.Besides,Attachment avoidance has a moderating effect on the website attachment and customer engagement behavior.According to the research results,we can get some marketing inspirations.Firstly,driving away at to establish emotional relationship with customers and improving business relationship.Secondly,enhancing the social attributes of the site and building brand social networking platform.Lastly,customers are divided into different groups to make suitable strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:A sense of community, the customer orientation, website attachment, customer engagement behavior, attachment avoidance
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