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A Study On The Chinese Communist Party’s Poverty Alleviation Since The Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515479606Subject:Marxism in China
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Poverty is a global economic development problem,and our country’s poverty problem is also a major problem that restricts economic and social development.Due to the restriction of system,history,geographical environment,natural conditions and other factors,in our country for a long time in a relatively poor state,China government has always attached great importance to poverty alleviation,the poverty alleviation idea of research is particularly important.In this paper,and always will be "a red line of poverty alleviation thought" as the writing,mainly from the aspect of two large dimeansions of poverty were summarized Chinese communist ideas,and on this basis,since the reform and opening up China Communist Party thought make reasonable evaluation of poverty alleviation right.Highlighting its significance and value to the research and development of China’s poverty alleviation thought and the international poverty alleviation work.The Communist Party of China’s ideology of helping the poor is deepening day by day.In every stage,the Communist Party of China implements a series of corresponding policies and measures to help the poor.The second generation of collective leadership of the party based on Deng Xiaoping is based on the practical basis of developing social productive forces,and puts forward the ultimate goal of common prosperity.At the same time,we should take the socialist market economy as the background,take the rural economic system reform as the main driving force,implement the large-scale poverty reduction policy,and achieve certain poverty reduction results.With Jiang Zemin as the core of the third generation of central collective leadership according to the need of comprehensive construction of well-off society,the important thought of "Three Represents" guide to poverty alleviation,and poverty alleviation in the construction of well-off society category,emphasizes that only the eradication of poverty can be successfully entered the well-off society,emphasizing the eradication of poverty is an important guarantee for the realization of basic human rights from these two angles,mainly discusses the importance of poverty alleviation.With Hu Jintao as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee will continue to poverty alleviation in an important position of social construction,the inheritance and development of the collective leadership of the poverty alleviation in front of thought,put forward in poverty alleviation should always practice Scientific Outlook on Development,based on solving basic survival problems in poor areas,and take a road of sustainable development.Most of the poor people in our country are concentrated in the countryside,so Hu Jintao suggested that the construction of new countryside should be the proper part of poverty alleviation,and it has a great value for the times in our country’s research and work of poverty alleviation.Of the party since eighteen,China has reached a decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society,but is still in the basic conditions of the primary stage of socialism has not changed,poverty is still the development of China’s resistance,China has entered the stage of poverty alleviation.With Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee put forward the importance and urgency of the implementation of poverty alleviation accurate and profound understanding of poverty alleviation is a systematic project,need comprehensive aspects into consideration,in order to achieve significant effectiveness of poverty alleviation.Although the food and clothing of the poor has been basically solved,but there is still some distance from the overall well-off,we should intensify efforts to explore and work poverty alleviation,to promote the income of poor people,and share the fruits of social development.Poverty alleviation is not only an economic category,political category,but alsoideological and theoretical category.Taking the leading collective of the party as the prominent representative,paying more and more attention to the poverty alleviation,enriching and deepening and innovating,gradually formed a relatively complete socialist poverty alleviation theory system with Chinese characteristics.Since the reform and opening up,the party leaders of several generations according to the basic national conditions in different periods and specific tasks,put forward the strategic position,each period of Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures,the main path of specific issues such as the theory continuously enrich the connotation and innovation of the ideological system and characteristics of poverty alleviation China when generation characteristics,and promote the further development of the poverty alleviation work in our country.Since the reform and opening up,China’s poverty alleviation thought can be traced,keeping pace with the times,contains rich content,although has its particularity in different periods,but the poverty reduction strategy,poverty alleviation objectives and tasks have strong consistency,are standing on the height of the socialist construction of poverty alleviation strategy,the construction of a well-off society and realize the common prosperity as poverty alleviation poverty alleviation objectives to carry out specific One principle runs through it all.,around the poverty alleviation task.According to the actual changing,constantly adjust the poverty alleviation strategy orientation and focus on poverty alleviation,the firm position of the leadership of the Communist Party of China poverty alleviation and rely on people poverty position,establish and constantly improve the education,science and technology,industry and other areas of poverty alleviation poverty alleviation strategy,innovation path and mechanism,to achieve stable poverty and build a well-off society provide theory support and the help.Since the reform and opening up the party’s central collective leadership based on the actual China,continuously put forward and deepen poverty alleviation idea and theory,formed a complete system with China conditions of poverty alleviation in Marx thought system,based on the theory of poverty,and explores deeper on poverty and poverty alleviation,provides a correct theoretical guidance for poverty alleviation the development work of our country,to further promote the practice of poverty alleviation in China,has made great achievements.It promoted the process of Sinicization of Marx’s theory of poverty and provided a theoretical reference and successful experience for the research and work of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in the world.
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