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Research On Marx’s Thought Of Consumption Alienation

Posted on:2018-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330515482824Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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It is well known that Marx’s theory of alienated labor has been widely discussed by scholars.However,Marx’s thought of consumption alienation has not been paid enough attention to and provided due evaluation by them.As Marx lived in the free-competition stage of capitalist,when the production held the absolute dominant position,the consumption was only a link of production.So Marx’s discussion of consumption was always associated with production,he did not specifically study the issue of capitalist consumption.In fact,by reading much into the classics of Marx,I find Marx analysed the consumption alienation of capitalist society based on hired labour in Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 and Das Kapital and the manuscript of economics.Marx points out that the consumption of capitalism is no longer based on the real needs of the people,but serves capitalistic production that takes the pursuit of surplus value and makes more profits as its nature.Therefore,the consumption of capitalism is essentially a kind of alienated consumption.This paper,starting from Marx’s text,deeply probes into Marx’s thought of consumption alienation,and is committed to excavate the contemporary value of Marx’s consumption alienation thought.Specifically,this paper consists of the following five parts.Chapter 1,introduction.This chapter mainly expounds the research background and significance,domestic and foreign research overview,research ideas and methods,and the innovation and deficiencies.Chapter 2,the background of Marx’s thought of consumption alienation.This chapter mainly discusses the background of Marx’s thought of consumption alienation from two aspects of the realistic background and theoretical background.Marx’s thought of consumption alienation is the product of thinking and exploration of capitalist social reality based on the previous thoughts and theory.Chapter 3,the main content of Marx’s thought of consumption alienation.This chapter explains the specific manifestations,causes and ways of the consumption alienation of capitalist society.Marx pointed out that under the abstract rule of capital logic,the workers’ consumption,capitalist consumption and even the whole world consume serve the surplus value of capital.Only by destroying capitalist private ownership and establishing communism,the consumption of capitalism can completely overcome the nature of alienation.Chapter 4,the contemporary value of Marx’s thought of consumption alienation.This chapter mainly reveals the contemporary value of Marx’s thought of consumption alienation from two aspects.For one thing,it provides discourse source for the consumption alienation theory of Western Marxism;for another,it provides important enlightenment for the construction of socialist market economy in China.Although the capitalist society is no longer in the stage of capitalist free competition,it has not fundamentally changed.The capitalist society is still based on the mode of production based on the production of labor,and the pursuit of surplus value of the nature of capital remains unchanged.This is also the reason why the Adorno and Fromm as the representative of the western Marx’s inherit and develop Marx’s thoughts of consumption alienation.In addition,it also provides an important inspiration for our country to get rid of the plight of consumption alienation in the process of building a vibrant socialist market economy.There is no doubt that Marx’s thought of consumption alienation still has important significance and value in the contemporary era.
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