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Research On Risk Allocation Of Commercial Banks In The PPP Project Based On The Full Time Cycle Perspective

Posted on:2018-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The PPP program is a new financial model for public infrastructure projects which encourage private capital to participate in the construction of public infrastructures,collaborate with the private sector in projects,reduce project costs,improve project construction efficiency,reduce project investment risk and finally form cooperative relationship between benefit-sharing and risk-sharing.It is generally believed that this model consists of four cycles:development cycles,financial cycles,construction cycles and operation cycles,which makes PPP model of long cycle and complicated risk.With the deepen participation of commercial banks in the whole life cycle of PPP projects,however,risk factors faced by commercial banks are becoming more complicated.For commercial banks,how to identify and share risk factors has become a very important topic and consequently it is of great theoretical and practical significance to understand risk-sharing mechanism in the whole life cycle of PPP projects.Therefore,Chinese commercial banks have begun to explore participation into different project life cycles with multiple identities,trying to obtain the rights and interests of the PPP project in order to reduce their own risks but enlarge profits.Based on Life cycle perspective,this article use the WBS to recognize the commercial Banks’ risk of participating in the PPP project,and use grey correlation analysis method based on AHP and entropy method to establish the commercial bank risk sharing model.And finally establish a set of dynamic,multidimensional,circulating risk sharing mechanism for commercial Banks,and give Suggestions for commercial Banks to improve the system of risk sharing.
Keywords/Search Tags:PPP project, Model of participation, The full time cycle, Risk allocation
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