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A Study On The Cross Regional Management And Development Of Urban Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up,China economic development rapidly,mode of development of city commercial banks in a single city management system has obviously not meet the current needs of social and economic development,so a thorough reform of this model has been necessary,for the direction and focus of reform so far,according to the domestic and foreign experts and scholars opinions are on the whole consistent that city commercial banks cross regional operation and development road to go.This paper is on the basis of previous studies and specific to the Bank of Ningbo as an example for further research on city commercial banks operating across the region,hoping to give some inspiration to the development of city commercial banks in practice.The first chapter mainly introduces the background and significance of the research,points out that in the current context of city commercial banks cross regional operation and development not only has important theoretical significance and significant practical significance;the second chapter is mainly about the cross regional research literature,in the process,found that most scholars are raised in favor of the cross regional development;the third chapter is the city commercial banks as a whole of city commercial banks in the banking system,the city commercial banks in recent years the rapid development and pointed out that the city commercial banks in the development of their own particularity and can realize the urgency and possibility of cross regional business.The fourth chapter based on the preceding chapters of specially selected Ningbo bank makes a detailed analysis about the situation of the Bank of Ningbo across the region to use their own advantages,seize the opportunity to achieve cross regional development in the Yangtze River Delta,Pearl River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Hebei within the scope of the specific case,also pointed out that the Bank of Ningbo cross regional development is not Everything is going smoothly.,there are some problems and recommendations are given;the fifth chapter is in the grasp of the basis,draw relevant conclusions of China’s city commercial banks that cross regional development should be affordable for.Finally,in order to city commercial banks can better meet the actual Chinese in the process of cross regional development,promote economic Chinese relatively balanced development carried out a series of prospects,hope the city commercial banks cross regional development for China’s economic development and make greater contribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:City Commercial Bank, trans regional development, financial analysi, Risk control, market structure
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