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A Study On The Effects Of Bank Of Ningbo’s Private Placement On The Interests Of Minority Investors

Posted on:2018-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With China’s stock market after another round of financing boom,the listed companies in the popular financing options,more and more private placement exposure in the public eye.Private placement is a new way of refinancing for a small number of designated investors to issue securities in an open way.In recent years,private placement has gradually become the preferred way of financing for listed companies in China.Small and medium-sized investors’ investment of private placement literacy,understand and often enough,it is difficult to make an appropriate response before and after the listed companies released placements announcement,finally fell victim to the interests of major shareholders in the process of transmission.The medium and small investors are the most active and important part of the Chinese stock market,the healthy growth of the financial market is in need of the support and confidence of small investors.If allowed to listed companies in the private placement process for small and medium-sized investors continued to implement the infringement of interests can not effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of small investors are not infringed,so investor confidence in the capital market will be greatly reduced,and even continued to affect the China vicious spiral stock market,this is the last thing we want to see.Specifically,in order to safeguard the interests of small investors as a starting point,through the acquisition of Bank of Ningbo in 2014 and directed the September additional details and the data at the same time,compared with the industry listed the data and index of commercial bank private placement,the Bank of Ningbo decided to carry on the analysis and exploration to the issuance of the case,based on a core Ningbo bank capital adequacy ratio before the placement of the same industry,private placement date selection,to determine the issue price,the existence of the first set by reduction to explore influence after the scheduled increase in cash holdings and the private placement after the red so many doubts of the Bank of Ningbo to determine whether private placement is necessary and reasonable,how to violations of the interests of small investors and suspicion,from the Bank of Ningbo Dong private placement Announcement of the matter will be the announcement of the effect and the wealth transfer effect of two angles to analyze the Ningbo bank and more listed companies in the process of how to increase the impact and even damage the interests of small investors.The last chapter of this paper gives some suggestions on the protection of the interests of small and medium investors in the face ofprivate placement.In this paper,the author puts forward some suggestions on how to protect the interests of small and medium-sized investors in the process of private placement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-public offering, benefit influence, minority investors, Bank of NingBo
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