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Study On The Dimension Of Fairness And Efficiency Between Chinese And Western Market Economy

Posted on:2018-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330515492474Subject:Marxism in China
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The healthy and stable development of society,not only rely on the high level of efficiency,but also rely on the higher degree of fairness.With the development of market economy,efficiency has been greatly improved under the competitive market mechanism.With the economic efficiency problem has settled,the gap between rich and poor is apparent gradually,and the issue of social fairness in the corresponding become a prominent problem in the world need to solve.How to balance a relationship between fairness and efficiency has become the common topic of market economy.The establishment of the socialist market economic system started late in China,we need to learn experience and lessons from the mature development of western developed countries in fairness and efficiency issues.It has important practical significance for selecting the analysis and comparison of the western typical market economy the state of fairness and efficiency.This paper uses the methods of theoretical research,comparative analysis and empirical analysis,first of all,starting from the relevant concepts of fairness and efficiency,based on the understanding of the Marxist theory and the foreign schools about fairness and efficiency theory,expounds the fairness and efficiency of the market economy development.Secondly,analyzing the United States,Germany,Japan and Sweden are typical of the western market economy countries market operation mechanism and the choice of fairness and efficiency,and draw lessons from it.At the same time,from the design of the system,the choice of operation mechanism and policy,analyze the development of the relationship between fairness and efficiency of China’s market economy.Thirdly,using the method of comparative research,analyze the relationship between fairness and efficiency of market economy countries in China and western,to explore,the common point is the policy choice are compatible with economic conditions,Social security as a powerful supplement to alleviate social contradiction promote social equity,but have difference in the operation basis,operation target and operation process.Finally,On this basis,puts forward the important idea of China’s emphasis on fairness promoting efficiency inthe new situation,better play the complementary role of the government and the market,innovation mode of distribution to stimulate economic main body enthusiasm,the establishment of social security some suggestions to promote fairness and efficiency of virtuous cycle.
Keywords/Search Tags:Market economy, Equity, Efficiency, Common prosperity, Comparison
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