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A Case Study Of Family Financial Intertemporal Decision

Posted on:2018-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Personal finance" is the use of customerís family financial resources to achieve customer financial goals of life goals.Family financial analysis includes the analysis of assets and liabilities of family members at different stages of the life cycle,income and expenditure analysis,cash flow budget management,investment,consumption,tax planning,inheritance management,wealth inheritance and so on.It is the financial life of family members Intertemporal decision management.The theory of life cycle theory provides theoretical support for family intertemporal financial decision-making.Each family from the formation to disappear to go through a complete process,the number of family wealth and the entire life cycle of income and expenditure level,it is a dynamic process Rather than the wealth level of a node.Its dynamic and long-term characteristics,the family should be a reasonable reference to the life cycle theory,the existing wealth in the current investment and future consumption,to achieve financial goals,to solve long-term needs.Based on the relationship between the yield and risk of risky assets,the portfolio theory is used to discuss the various asset portfolio selection problems in uncertain economic relations,and the mean-variance model is proposed.The theory holds that the weighted average of the returns of each asset represents the comprehensive income of the financial asset,and the risk is the degree to which the actual income deviates from the mean and is measured by the variance.Specifically,how to invest in diversified products to risk part of the investment risk,so as to obtain the maximum risk within the controllable risk or the expected risk of the lowest risk.Family financial interdisciplinary decision-making is a systematic project,involving a lot of investment and expenditure planning,with the socio-economic development and the growth of residentsí wealth,residents invest in financial management gradually diversified,peopleís concept of wealth and approach are also Has changed,family finance has become the focus of social concern.Investors face the dazzling variety of financial products,how to choose,is the focus of this analysis.Based on the theory of life cycle,this paper studies the family financial interdisciplinary decision-making of different life cycles,combines the relevantknowledge of science and economics,uses the principle of portfolio,takes specific case as a lesson,analyzes the familyís assets and liabilities and financial income and expenditure,The financial intertemporal decision-making in the life cycle,and provide a reference for the financial institutions to design financial products.
Keywords/Search Tags:Family Finance, Intertemporal Decision Making, Life Cycle Theory, Portfolio
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