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The Philosophical Significance And Contemporary Development Of Marx’s Commodity Value

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"Das Kapital" is the pinnacle of Marx’sstudyof capitalist economy production methods and processes.It profoundly analyzes the history of capitalist development,reveals the capitalist production process and exposes the secret of capitalism’s rapid development.This essaymainly deal with the commodity value theory in the "Das Kapital" and divides into four chapters to demonstrates it.The commodity value theory which bases on the Labor theory of value is Marx’s great discovery.Many ancient thinkers had donea lot research in this area too,but always fell into an unsolvable paradox either because of the limitations of the times or because of the limitations of themselves.Take Aristotle for an example,he who lived in the slave era werelimited by his time and couldn’t realize the equality of human labor.In the era of capitalism,on one hand,compared to goods people are more concerned about money--the completed form of goods,and are more concerned about how to profit from the capital--the prices for commodities.These people do not have either the interest or the patience to study the history in which commodity value format.On the other hand,defender of the bourgeois are less likely to make justice research of the value of the goods due to their benefit.Mostof their point of view are not only confusion,but also has a low theoretical level.Therefore,classical economists and vulgar economists who are always confused by the superficial phenomenon of money are not able to accurately grasp the nature of goods and money.On the issue of creating value,these economists either confuse value with use value,or confuse value with price.Marx profoundly criticized of previous commodity value theory.Meanwhile,based on deep analyze of the history of commodity exchange and commodity production process,he founds labor value theory,discovers labor force as a special goods which can generates surplus value,and further explores various production methods of capital which can obtain surplus value.Undeniable is that the predecessors of commodity value theory also contain a lot of correct thinking,so that Marx’s research stands at a relatively high starting point.The introduction of view on commodity value from economists before Marx’s time orMarx’s contemporaries constitutes the main content of the first chapter of the paper.To study with Marx’s theory of commodity value,one must not only respect the original,that is,"Das Kapital",but also have clear and accurate ideas of the various concepts of Marx theory of the value of goods.Otherwise,misunderstanding may occur.Take the research situation in China for an example,China’s scholars are divided into three factions and fight with each other always because of the different understanding of the concept of Marx’s theory.The three factions are Narrow group faction which represented by Mr.Luo Geng Mo,middle group faction which represented by Mr.Yu Guang Yuan and broad group faction which normally represented by Mr.Zhuo Jiong.Their theories have contradictions among each other.However,there is only one truth.The three theories cannot be all correct.Therefore,the second chapter of this thesis introduces the main content of Marx’s theory of commodity value.Based on the first volume of Das Kapital,this paper summed up Marx’s theory into mainly three part:the production and characteristics of commodity value and the form of commodity value,the use of money,and finally the value of a special commodity,that is,capital.Marx of commodity value theory is full of materialist dialectics thought.For example,it reply the law of the unity of opposites through a lot theory such as the relative value form and equivalent form,the use value and the value,specific labor and abstract labor embodied.The transformation of the general equivalence to the currency reflects the law of quality change.From the original Communist for society to capitalist society and to the development of the socialist society embodies the law of the negation of the negation.The relationship between commodity circulation and currency circulation is the relationship between cause and effect;It is not only necessary but also accidental that gold is the ultimate form of money instead of other general equivalent,Its development process reflects the dialectical relationship between the necessity and the contingency;Goods can or can not be sold is to determine whether the value of goods stored in the currency can be converted into the form reality,The relationship between the commodity and the currency is the possibility and the reality;The value of a commodity is the nature of the goods,The price of a commodity is a phenomenon of the nature of the goods,The relationship between the value and the price of commodity is the relationship between the essence and the phenomenon,and so on.It is the rich embodiment of the basic category of materialist dialectics involved in the discussion of commodity value by Marx,Therefore,this thesis discusses the materialistic dialectics embodied in Marx’s theory of commodity value as a separate chapter.Marx has put forward the theory of commodity value for over a hundred years,In this hundred years,the productivity of human society has undergone enormous changes,Whether it is the elements of productivity or commodity characteristics have undergone great changes,Therefore,it is necessary to discuss the new features and new developments of Marx’s commodity value theory under the new era.The changes of the factors and the status of the internal contradictions of modern social goods,science and technology gradually occupy the leading position in the productive forces,The quality of the aspects of the expansion and the contemporary spirit of the production of goods attributes and characteristics of the four aspects of the discussion constitute the main content of the fourth chapterAfter the production and development of goods must have a day of destruction.With rapid development of modem science and technology,some of the laws of Marx’s commodity value theory will also be qualitative change due to the accumulation of quantitative change.The possibility of qualitative change has already been included in Marx’s theory of commodity value.For example,productivity may be fully automated in the future and the value of the commodity is likely to be close to zero.In this case,humans can return to Garden of Eden where all supplies are free to get.In summary,the research done in this paper is based on the first volume of Marx’s "Das Kapital" as the main research materials.With refer to other related works and papers,this thesis discusses the background of the formation of Marx’s theory of commodity value,interpret the main content of Marx’s theory of commodity value in "Das Kapital",demonstrates the materialist dialectics embodied in Marx’s theory of commodity value,and finally shows the future dawn and hope seen from Marx’s theory of commodity value.
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