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The Research For Risk-remote Mechanism In Securitization Of SME Loan

Posted on:2018-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and medium sized enterprise(SME)is an important section of Chinese economy,but its difficulty of financing has always been an obstacle to its development.Meanwhile,influenced by the economic new normal and interest rate liberalization,many small and medium sized banks,especially city commercial banks have reached their bottleneck,restricting their financing support for SMEs.Hence city commercial banks have to change their development mode by utilizing some new financial tools,in order to support the real economy as well as control their own risks.And securitization is such a proper choice.Taking city commercial banks as object,the present thesis focuses on its risk-remote mechanism in securitization of SME Loans.First of all,starting from the financial environment,the thesis explains the status,necessity and feasibility for securitization of SME loan.Then,by the means of case study,the thesis analyzes several securitization modes of SME loan both home and abroad,especially their risk remote mechanisms and Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV)forms.The following chapter of the thesis raises some risk-remote mechanisms for city commercial banks to securitize their SME loans in the future,aiming at avoiding flaws in present modes.And the new mechanism consists of the following arrangements:a.establish the "partial off-balance sheet"mode that requires credit risk retention;b.establish the specialized SPV that guided by local government and invested by several local city commercial banks;c.purchase SME loans and construct the multi-bank asset pool by the specialized SPV.Finally,the thesis comes to a conclusion and proposes numbers of suggestions or outlooks,concerning the securitization market for SME loan.
Keywords/Search Tags:SME loan, Asset securitization, Risk-remote, City commercial bank
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