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Marketing Strategy Of "Good Financing Business" Platform Of Construction Bank

Posted on:2018-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,With the rise of the Internet financial,Each big e-commerce platform develop financial services by data from their own platform,grab some basic business of banks,Typical representative is alipay and other third-party payment platform,such platform use the bank on the net to pay market gradually,the traditional banking sector suffered a huge blow.And these platforms have customer data which are needed to bank,the bank will not be able to share these customer data,causing serious bank disintermediation.As one of the five lines,the China construction bank is realized in the face of such a tough market situation,must want to mining the customer resources,not only provides the basis of payment,transfer,settlement and other business,to enter the field of electronic commerce.So in June 2012 "good financial business” e-commerce platform first launched,the platform’s ultimate goal is to rely on electric business platform of big data to provide financial services.Although the "good financial business” platform development more than four years of time and made a certain achievement,such as many famous enterprises successfully enter online mall in China construction bank" good financial business” platform,but Banks are still lack of experience about the development of e-commerce platform.Under this background,First analyze current operating state of construction bank " good financial business” platform and industry development,and concluded that currently the platform has been a steady rise in the operation indexes but growth,smaller quantity and business unclear classification and lower recognition.and analyzes the construction bank marketing status about " good financial business” platform,in terms of product,common product design is not professional and variety is single,lack of financial products innovation dynamics;In terms of price,not according to the specific environment pricing;In the aspect of channel,between departments and customer maintenance is not strong enough;In terms of promotion,platform visibility is too low,and lack of professional salesmen;According to current situation,make the some optimization measures for the marketing strategy,on the product,on the basis of ordinary commodities,financial products as the core,strengthen financial products innovation.On the price,adhere to the principle of zero cost for company which enter the mall,pricing of merchants take relationships,financial products adopt LPR pricing;On the channels,analysis of large data,introduce financial-marketing talents;On the promotion,"push-pull combination" type promotion and innovation marketing mode.Gets some conclusion and revelation,in the hope to provide some ideas for the future development of e-commerce platform for the commercial bank and financial products marketing platforms.
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