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Research On PPP Financing Risk Management Of LPS Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project

Posted on:2018-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of our country’s economy and the improvement of the income level of the residents,the residents of the city are pursuing higher quality of life.Comprehensive pipe gallery of this facility can not only realize the municipal pipeline intensive,conservation of land resources,the use of underground space,and can improve the city environment,easy to late stage pipeline maintenance detection work,therefore more and more government departments recognition and favor.In August 2015,the State Council issued a document,a clear requirement for the country’s major cities began to promote the deployment of the city’s comprehensive pipe gallery construction work,the comprehensive management of the corridor in China presents a rapid development of the situation.The pipe gallery building needs a lot of money,and the limited financial capacity of local governments,can make up for the comprehensive pipe gallery project construction funds for the huge gap,the government vigorously promote the PPP mode to attract social capital to solve the problem.This model can not only make up for the funding gap of infrastructure construction,but also effectively promote the transformation of government functions,improve the quality and efficiency of infrastructure services.However,PPP projects frequently billions of investment,involving the government,social capital,financial institutions,the public and other stakeholders,the actual operation will face a huge risk.Once the financing problem caused by the project funding strand breaks,will have a significant impact on the project,or even directly cause the project bankruptcy failure.And the effective management of the project financing risk is the key to the success of the project financing,so the discussion of PPP project financing risk management has become one of the important topics to study the use of PPP model.In this paper,literature research of other scholars on the basis of summing up,the process of LPS pipe gallery PPP project financing risk management are studied in detail,the main content is divided into:the first is the introduction,mainly introduces the research background and related research at home and abroad.Two is the related concepts and theoretical basis,mainly on the meaning of project financing,types and advantages of PPP mode and operation mode are described,and introduces the project financing risk management theory.Three is the management of comprehensive pipe gallery LPS city project financing risk,mainly introduces the basic situation of the project and the operation mode of risk control,and from the three aspects of risk identification,risk assessment,risk response on its face,finally summarized the current financing risk management achievements.The four is the inspiration of the risk management of the LPS comprehensive pipe gallery project financing,mainly based on the risk management process of LPS comprehensive pipe gallery project financing,draw the inspiration to other PPP projects.Five is the conclusion and prospect,this chapter is mainly for the previous research process and the results of the summary,draw their own conclusions,and pointed out that their papers may exist.In the course of the study,through the analysis of the financing risk management process of the PPP project,the application of PPP model in infrastructure projects is of great significance.In theory,it further enriches the theory of PPP project financing risk management.In practice,through the analysis of the PPP project of LPS comprehensive pipe gallery,this paper provides an effective framework for the financing risk management of PPP integrated pipe gallery project.At the same time it can provide the method for risk comprehensive pipe gallery will purchase or other domestic implementation of the PPP project in social investors on how to deal with the project,which is conducive to the promotion and application of PPP model in infrastructure in the industry.
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