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Research On Influence Factors Of Willingness To Use Mobile Payment Based On Elaboration Likelihood Model

Posted on:2018-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of Internet,mobile payment already plays an important role in our life,expenses of food and clothing,housing,entertainment,and other are available through the mobile payment,people's life is gradually entered the era of convenience.Mobile payment is promote a new business revolution,which is a production of the new era,although mobile payment development of China was less than developed countries,but our mobile payment service possess a huge space for development,and the process of mobile payment service development was paid attention of the whole world.Consumers has the right to choose the use of mobile payment,while for developers and operators of mobile payment,to understand the factors that affect the intention of using products is the key to product marketing successfully.First,by reading a lot of literature study,this paper combined with the ELM model(elaboration likelihood model)theory,the perceived value is divided into two sub variables,which respectively is the central edge of perceived value and perceived value,perceived value and perceived value of the central edge of order two latent variables in the model,and two variables emotional reactions and cognitive responses.Also we will replace the previous attitude variable attitude into the intermediary variable of perceived value and intention,constitute a double path model with central and peripheral routes to explore the factors affecting the usage intention of mobile payment.Then,based on relevant research,this paper put forward some assumptions of the model to design the questionnaire;Finally,by collecting valid data,this paper use SPSS19.0 and Smartpls2.0 analysis of empirical data.The study found that perceived ease of use have a significant positive effect on perceived usefulness;perceived ease of use,perceived usefulness has a significant positive effect on central perceived value;perceived risk negatively affects the central perceived value;service compatibility and social influence has a significant positive effect on the edge of the perceived value;perceived value and perceived value of the central edge are positive impact of emotional reactions and cognitive responses,and affect the central value perception reaction to emotional reactions and cognitive than the edge of perceived value;emotional reactions and cognitive reactions were positive and significant effect on the willingness to use,and cognition and intention of use than emotion and intention of use more.However,perceived entertainment has no significant effect on the perceived value of the central,and individual innovation has no significant effect on the perceived value of the edge.with empirical results,this paper put forward suggestions for the mobile payment business:(1)to strengthen cooperation between enterprises,broaden the product business;(2)pay attention to publicity work,to create a good reputation;(3)reduce the cost of users,improve the core technology;(4)the layout of commercial advantage characteristics,improve the user perceived value;(5)to reduce the risk of establishing emergency mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, influencing factors, Perceived value, partial least squares, Elaboration Likelihood Model
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