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Research On Government Support In The Financing Of Small And Micro Enterprises

Posted on:2018-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330521450180Subject:Public Management
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Small and micro enterprises are the most dynamic part of China's economy,for the promotion of economic growth and economic development mode change,promote employment and maintain social stability has an irreplaceable role.However,the development of small and micro enterprises in the national economy in a weak position,in particular,financing is difficult to become a key factor restricting the development of small and micro enterprises.In recent years,with the rapid pace of economic growth,small micro-enterprise growth and development rate is correspondingly accelerated,during which the Chinese government has developed a number of small and micro enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of the policy,to some extent alleviate the small and micro enterprises Financing,but the current government support the financing of small and micro enterprises can not achieve fast,simple,timely,stable,effective and low-cost financing needs,and this situation seriously restricts its development and growth.Therefore,it is of great practical value and significance to analyze the shortcomings of the government in solving the financing of small and micro enterprises.This paper,from the perspective of the government,explores how the government should provide financial support for small and micro enterprises and provide a wide range of ways from the perspective of literature analysis,comparative analysis,investigation and other research methods,reference to market failure and financial suppression theory.What kind of financing support issues.This paper,along with the description of the problem,the analysis of the problem and the solution to the problem,by describing the government in the small micro-enterprise financing as the government through the innovation of small micro-enterprise credit mechanism to improve the micro-enterprise financial services,broaden the micro-enterprise financing channels Practice part of the small business to solve the problem of financing,but there are also lack of specialized service agencies,small and micro enterprises for the credit guarantee system is not perfect,the lack of direct financing service support system,government support and other measures to support inadequate,limited Small micro enterprise development.This paper argues that the governmentcan learn from the developed countries to build a comprehensive legal system,increase the financial support of professional institutions,establish a complete credit guarantee system and other advanced experience,combined with the reality of China's small micro-enterprise financing This paper puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the financing system of small enterprises,improve the financing system of small and micro enterprise financing,enrich the direct financing market system,improve the guarantee system of small enterprise financing,put forward the construction of auxiliary system,play fiscal policy measures,innovation support mode,etc.To solve the problem of small and medium enterprises financing difficulties.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and micro enterprises, financing, government support
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