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The Effect Of Transformational Leadership On Thriving At Work

Posted on:2018-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330536474597Subject:Business management
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In the increasingly complex and changeable competitive environment,the key to realize individual and organizational value is to activate the staff by choosing the effective leadership.Many researchers have emphasized that leadership was an important factor affecting employees' perceptions of work environments,job attitudes and behavior.Transformational leadership is considered to be the most valuable leadership.It offers organizational vison and meaning of work to motivate employees,and has a great impact on employees' perceptions and evaluations of the stress events in the workplace.And then transformational leadership can impact employees' vitality and learning motivations,ultimately,changes the level of thriving at work experienced.However,not many of these scholars considered their relationship at the same framework in their research.This paper constructs a conceptual model about the interaction among transformational leadership,challenge-handrance stressor and thriving at work.The results give us many useful illuminations.Firstly,transformational leadership directly effect challenge stressor and thriving at work.Secondly,challenge stressor is positively related to thriving at work.Instead,hindrance stressor is negatively related to thriving at work.Challenge stressor mediated the relationship between transformational leadership and thriving at work.On the basis of the above conclusion,the study examines the moderating effect of superior developmental feedback on the relationship between transformational leadership and thriving at work.The result shows that,the superior developmental feedback play a positive regulation in the effects of challenge stressor on thriving at work.Furthermore,conditional indirect effect test shows that the mediating effect of challenge stressor on the transformational leadership-thriving at work linkage was moderated by superior developmental feedback.
Keywords/Search Tags:transformational leadership, thriving at work, challenge and hindrance stressor, supervisor developmental feedback
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