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Study Of State-owned Enterprise Employee Stoke Ownership Plans

Posted on:2019-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542954405Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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The third plenary session of the 18 th CPC central committee was the key time node of the overall scheme of state-owned enterprises comprehensively deepening reform in the new era.Meanwhile,it was proposed that the development of mixed-ownership economy should encourage cross-holding and mutual integration of government capital,collective capital,and non-public capital.The reform of employee stock ownership was one of the important contents of the state-owned enterprise reform under the condition of mixed-ownership economy.It was of the great significance to explore and promote the successful experience of the state-owned enterprise employee stock ownership in order to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprise.Aiming at state-owned enterprises employee stock ownership,the paper researched the relevant theory of employee stock ownership at home and abroad,the history of employee stock ownership and the policy evolution of state-owned enterprise employee stock ownership in China.Taking the successful implementation of employee stock ownership in Haikang group as a typical case,the paper analyzed the method for the implementation of employee stock ownership in Haikang group.The similarities and differences in the employee stock ownership with other companies were analyzed.The characteristics and the results of employee stock ownership were researched..The research found that it can stabilize and motivate employees,improve significantly corporate governance effectiveness,promote significantly the enterprise business development and performance growth by implementing employee stock ownership in an appropriate manner.Especially,combined with the dominant private strategic investors,it can achieve a relatively decentralized shareholding structure which included state-owned enterprises,private strategic investors,other state-owned strategic investors and employee stock ownership platform.Besides,the perfect corporate governance could effectively guarantee the decision enforcement,management efficiency and improve enterprise vitality of the state-owned enterprises.,It was beneficial to the combination of the state-owned enterprises and capital market,and promoting the healthy and rapid development of state-owned enterprises.The research also found that the principle of increment should be adhered during the state-owned enterprise employee stock ownership reform.Laws and regulations need to be observed in the process of implementation to ensure openness and transparency.The relevant supervision and rules and regulations for employee stock ownership should be established and implemented.Furthermore,with the help of the standardized,transparent and open securities market,improper profit or other irregularities could be avoided by the operating mode of the public companies in the process of state-owned enterprises employee stock ownership,and the flexibility and operability of employee stock ownership could be achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned enterprise, employee stock ownership, mixed ownership, Haikang group
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