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The Xishuangbanna State Government Supports The Research On Financing Policies For Small And Micro Enterprises

Posted on:2018-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542981784Subject:Public management
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In China,the definition of small and micro enterprises is relatively late,but the development of small and micro enterprises can play an important role in increasing employment,promoting economic growth,technological innovation and social harmony and stability.At this stage,the biggest problem for the development is financing,and the government plays a crucial role in it.Working financial credit for many years,the author has gotten to know many small and microenterprises in different types,different sizes and different industries.Also,the author has been thinking about how to broaden the small and microenterprises financing channels and financing access to provide a good policy environment.This paper regards the development of small and micro enterprises in Xishuangbanna as specific areas of research,combined with the present state of our current financing support policy.The paper combs three-year corporate registration,corporate finance total trends,small micro-enterprise financing and corporate finance accounted for the proportion of data and examples.It also analyzes the causes of the current financial difficulties from the policy making,implementing and supporting,etc.That is,the state gives less support to policy and rules on improving small micro-enterprise financing;implementing policy will be affected by many local situation;lack of a whole planning to promotes mall micro-enterprise development;small micro-enterprise service system imperfect.The proposal of constructing Xishuangbanna small and micro enterprises financing support system is put forward by learning from foreign advanced experience.The financing development of small and micro enterprises is broadened by constantly improving the policy support.The relevant measures to promote the development of small and micro enterprises are put forward to provide a reference for the functions of the policy from strengthening the system security,adjusting the policy direction and guiding the allocation of financial resources and leading the way of financing innovation.
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