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The Path And Mechanism Of Family Farms Act On Poverty Alleviation Work In Anfu County Zhouhu Town As An Example

Posted on:2018-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of China's economy,the new business mode and the new mode are constantly emerging,the agricultural industrialization production tends to improve,the rural poor group gets further attention.Composite at home and abroad to "poverty" and "precise" for poverty alleviation "family farm",the three did not effective combination of the family farm management into lacking accurate poverty alleviation work research,the present study also can't fully meet the demand of precision poverty alleviation work.this paper takes anfu county zhou hu town as an example to investigate the causes of poverty alleviation,poverty alleviation measures and the integration of family farms into the precise poverty alleviation work mechanism and path.The survey found that the poverty alleviation work in anfu county and chau lake was focused on the accurate identification of the poor households and the development of the poor households.According to the survey,the poverty causes of poverty in the region include poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty,poverty and poverty.Town accurate current state poverty alleviation work is the main approach to develop the "four" characteristic industry,deepening poverty alleviation of employment,advance the home business,implementing to poverty alleviation and the implementation of the infrastructure construction,the implementation of green building,for poverty alleviation plan as a whole integration of capital,with good financial aid-the-poor funds,actively promote financial poverty alleviation.From work to carry out the status quo,the current three funding to the whole village out of poverty,set up the precise work parameter for poverty alleviation,party members and cadres to realize pair support,the precise focus on village renovation and industrial development of poverty alleviation.The field research also shows that the industrial development intention of the poor households and the family farm operation and production have a reality junction.Taking zhou chau village as an example,the village adopts the integration mechanism of capital investment,labor export and technical support to realize the family farm of the poor family.Under the effect of this operation mode,the development of the family farm agricultural development space is large,wide sales channels,homo habilis guide and recent relative advantages,but on the other hand,there are also small investment group,policy,not thin,moderate scale standard is not clear,the financial lending is not convenient,poor financial instability,the obstacles to the implementation of the single agricultural training courses,based on this,the future can consider to adjust measures to local conditions to develop family farms,refined family farms preferential policies,widening the coverage of agricultural insurance and agricultural loans,development characteristics of agricultural products brand,"development-oriented poverty reduction countermeasures,such as,to accelerate the development of the family farm,improve the precision of poverty alleviation.At the same time,the family farm and compares the accuracy of the traditional agricultural cooperatives poverty alleviation can be found,it is concluded that the family farm can accept poor is wider,can better help the poor out of poverty to get rich.To sum up,it is necessary to put forward three innovative paths for family farms to integrate into targeted poverty alleviation work.The government should pay more attention to government policy support,economic and financial support,and publicity and promotion.In enterprises and family farms,we should strengthen the cultivation of professional farmers and upgrade agricultural products,and build confidence in farmers and poor households with agricultural insurance.In the process of integration,it is more necessary for the poor to participate in voluntary participation,adopt progressive poverty alleviation,and further standardize the work related to land transfer.
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