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Diversity And Promoting Effect Of Endophytic Fungi In Roots Of Grapes Growing In Yantai

Posted on:2016-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Grape with wide planting areas is one of the most important fruit resources in China.The planting area of grape in Shandong province accounts for 1/3 of the country.The planting area of vitisvinifera in Jiaodong Peninsula accounts for more than 90%of the whole province.In recent years,Yantai has become an important area of vitiviniculture industry because of its suitable environmental factors for grape growing.The soil nutrient deficiencies,continuous cropping obstacle and pest problems often occur in the agriculture.The mainly agricultural measures to solve these problems are increasing the content of NPK and soil organic matter in soil,spraying chemical reagents and broad spectrum of chemical pesticides,and so on.While the effects of various agricultural measures are temporary,time-consuming,costly and labor-intensive,and will produce the soil pollution,also damage the plant safety.In recent years,with continuous improvement of people's living standards in our country,wine is gradually accepted by people because of its various nutrition.How to make the healthy wine more green and more natural when vitiviniculture industry is flourishing,the key is to make the raw grape more green and natural.The use of promoting effect and pest resistance from Endophytic fungi's replace pesticides and chemical fertilizer to increase the variety of resistance of grape,also can be a good way.With the rapid development of global economy,the requirements of people's material and cultural life is more and more high,so green and pollution-free food has been in great demand.Nowadays,using resources reasonably and maintaining the benign loop of agricultural and environment is the direction of modern sustainable agriculture.Endophytic fungi is a kind fungi of widest hosts and distribution in agricultural ecosystem.As the potential biological fertilizer,its advantage in ecological agriculture becomes more and more obvious.This study use the roots of grapes in Yantai as the material,to research Endophytic fungi's separation,identification,diversity research and promoting effect.The research should be aimed at a preliminary investigation of endophytic from grape roots in Yantai,and a trial for ultiliation of selected endophytic fungi that would be advantage to promote growth of grapes,which can provide a basis for the large scale application biological agents and prevention of grape diseases.The main results are as follows:1?The identification was adopting the combination of morphological observation and ITS sequence determination.A total of 1331 strains of endophytic fungi was isolated from 2420 blocks in four grape varieties.As a result of 19 genera were obtained.The isolated endophytic fungi mostly belong to the Ascomycota(96.54%),of which the Sordariomycetes account for 73.57%,Basidiomycota(amounting to I.8%of the total),all belong to Agaricomycetes.In order level,Hypocreales(68.61%)is the dominant.In family level,Nectriaceae(67.78%)is the dominant fungi,In genus level,Fusarium(33.9%),Ilyonectria(17.35%)and Cylindrocarpon(15.7%)are dominant.In the species level,I.macrodidyma(15.7%)and F.oxysporum(11.57%)are dominant.2?From the diversity index of Endophytic fungi,the Cabernet Gernischet is the highest and the Cabernet Sauvignon is the lowest,and Cabernet Gernischet>Muscat Hamburg>Yan Qisan>Cabernet Sauvignon.By calculating the evenness of the endophytic fungi of four different species of grape root,the different species have different evenness.The evenness is all above 0.7,the evenness of the Cabernet Gernischt(0.8170)is the higest,the Cabernet Sauvignon(0.7722)is the lowest.3?Through the preliminary screening,6 strains endophytic fungi were obtained which has promoting effect on the growth of grape,respectively belonging to Clonostachys rosea,Penicillium janthinellum,Ophiocordyceps,Cladosporium,Phoma radicina,Peniophora incarnate.4?Inoculation of these 6 kinds of Endophytic fungi can promote the growth of grape,The seedling height,stem diameter,dry and fresh weight are increased the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters from leaves of grape,the content of soluble sugar and protein are also increased.
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