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Study On Processing Technology Of Guanxi Pomelo Fruit Juice Of The Compound

Posted on:2016-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330545993104Subject:Food processing and safety
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Guanxi pomelo(Citrus grandis(L.)Osbeck.c.v.)to rue Keya tropical fruit trees,in Fujian Pinghe River,the species has been 400 years of history of origin,is China's famous pomelo cultivation varieties.Its big fruit thin,tender and juicy,sweet and slightly acidic quality and renowned Chinese and foreign,by consumers,farmers of all ages.The project Guanxi pomelo fruit(cysts)and Chinese wolfberry,carrot,guava compounded by the processing of key technology research,deep processing Guanxi pomelo solve key technical problems,the development of market demand for composite pomelo fruit Juice of new products,improve Guanxi pomelo postpartum commodity value,and promote the development of Guanxi pomelo deep processing industry.The main research work around the following contents: Firstly,by carrot juice,guava juice complex study of pomelo fruit juice and goji juice respectively stability and coordination process technology,the development of pomelo wolfberry juice,carrot juice,grapefruit,guava juice pomelo new products,pomelo wolfberry fruit juice the best formula for compound 10% fruit,9% pomelo juice,2.9% wolfberry juice,8% sugar,0.12% citric acid;the best formula pomelo fruit juice is carrot 10% fruit,10% pomelo juice,7.5% carrot juice,8%sugar,0.10% citric acid;the best formula pomelo fruit guava juice compound was 10% fruit,10% pomelo juice,5% guava juice,6% sugar,0.12% citric acid.Secondly by pomelo fruit and coordination with wolfberry fruit juice,carrot juice,guava juice together complex stability of process technology,the development of multi-dimensional composite pomelo fruit juices new products,complex multi-dimensional type pomelo fruit juice best recipe for fruit 10%,9% pomelo juice,1.25% wolfberry juice,3% carrot juice,2.5% guava juice,6% sugar,0.12% citric acid.Finally by calcium preparations for pomelo fruit(cystic)hardening effect of the impact study to determine the optimum curing conditions for fruit: time 30 min,temperature of 36?,calcium chloride concentration of 0.40%.By studying the best ratio of different stabilizers,determine the best recipe fruit pomelo fruit juice optimal suspension stabilizer technology,Best Recipe pomelo fruit juice wolfberry composite stabilizer: pectin concentration of 0.212%,CMC-Na concentration was 0.254%,xanthan gum concentration of 0.102%;the best carrot pomelo fruit juice stabilizer recipe: CMC-Na concentration was 0.289%,0.096% concentration of sodium alginate,xanthan gum at a concentration of 0.116%;the best formula guava pomelo fruit juice stabilizer compound: CMC-Na concentration was 0.196% sodium alginate concentration of 0.155%,0.124% xanthan gum;the best formula multidimensional type pomelofruit juice compound stabilizers: pectin concentration of 0.197%,CMC-Na concentration was0.296%,xanthan gum concentration 0.108%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guanxi Pomelo, Fruit Sclerosis, Suspension Stability, Complex Technology
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