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Catalytie Ozonation Of Sodium Sulfamonomethoxine Contained In Water With Active Carbon Loaded MgO And Mingle MoO3 Composite Metal Oxide Catalyst

Posted on:2020-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330575963922Subject:Chemical Engineering
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Nowadays,environmental crisis has already became serious global problems by developing economy at the expense of the environment.Water pollution has already become an obstacle which affects the human health and the sustainable development of economy.Industrial antibiotic wastewater composition is complex.There are many types of organic matter,high salinity,excessive emissions,and deep chromaticity.At the same time,it have strong antiseptic qualities.Therefore,it becomes one of the organic liquid wastes which is difficult to degrade.Sulfa drugs is one of the types of antibiotics.Sodium sulfamonomethoxine is a new generation of long-term sulfa drugs,which are widely used in animal areas.Owing to the poor stability and refractory,wastewater emissions containing sodium sulfamonomethoxine does great harm to human's health and other creature in nature.With sodium sulfamonomethoxine wastewater as object of research,the paper choosed to research based on the precipitation efficiency of cheap the activity of catalyst.And I study the influence of various process conditions to remove organic matter in wastewater.Meanwhile,I study mechanism research of the ozone catalytic oxidation treatment of antibiotic wastewater.Load type metal oxide catalyst has achieved fine result in catalytic ozonation of organic waste liquid.The paper uses sodium sulfamonomethoxine to configure a certain concentration of aqueous solution.And,using COD of aqueous solution as the measure to judge the catalyst activity and determine the optimal conditions of the catalyst.The paper uses coprecipitation preparation method of AC-MgOX-MoOX catalysts.The results show that the load of liquid concentration is 0.013 mol/L(with Mg2+),C(Mg2+):C(Mo2+)=1?0.3,calcination temperature 350?,roasting time 4 hours.It proves that catalyst was stable after eight times catalyst recycling when COD removal rate was stable.Under the optimal conditions for the preparation of catalysts,with SEM,EDS,XRD,XRF,BET,FT-IR,XPS section of the microstructure of different catalysts,crystal structure,element composition and valence,surface groups are analyzed,and proved that the preparation of the active component of catalyst load of MgO style respectively,MoO3.The effect of AC-MgO-MoO3 catalysts is obvious.The experimental result shows that COD removal rate reached 92.4%on condition that catalyst dosing quantity is 1.5g/100ml,wastewater pH is 12,ozone flow under the condition is 1.0L/min.It is aimed that investigate the catalytic oxidation process follow the free radical reaction mechanism through the free radical scavenger test and MS.
Keywords/Search Tags:advanced oxidation, metal complex oxides, heterogeneous catalyst reaction, co-precipitation method, sodium sulfamonomethoxine
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