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Preparation Of Denitration Catalyst From Hot Dip Galvanized Acid Pickling Waste Liquor

Posted on:2020-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330590484012Subject:Materials engineering
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Hot-dip galvanizing pickling waste liquid is a waste liquid containing a large amount of ferric chloride produced in the production process of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe,which has great harm to the environment and human beings.It has greater social and economic significance for pickling waste liquid resource utilization and increased product added value.The catalysts of Mnx/IOR and Mnx-Cey/IOR were prepared by combustion method.The catalysts of Fe1-xMnxO1.5 and Fe1-x-yMnxCeyO1.5 were prepared by coprecipitation method and pyrolysis method.Process parameters of catalysts were optimized.The catalysts were characterized by XRD,SEM,BET,H2-TPR and NH3-TPD.The denitrification mechanism was analyzed.The main results are as follows:The NOX conversion of Mnx/IOR increased with the increase of manganese loading.As the manganese loading x?Mn/Fe??0.43,the NOX conversion of the catalysts had minor change.The NOX conversion of Mnx-Cey/IOR increased when load of cerium increased.When the cerium loading y?Ce/Fe?was 0.1,the Mn0.43-Cey/IOR catalyst had the highest low temperature denitrification activity.As IOR loading manganese,the redox performance was enhanced,the number of surface acid sites was increased,and the surface acidity was enhanced.When IOR loading manganese and cerium,the redox performance,the amount of surface acid sites and the low-valent manganese were enhanced,the catalyst activity and anti-SO2 poisoning ability were significantly improved.The Fe1-xMnxO1.5 prepared by the coprecipitation method had higher denitration activity than Fe1-xMnxO1.5 prepared by pyrolysis method when the chemical composition were same at each temperature.and the catalyst activity temperature window range is larger.The Fe1-x-yMnxCeyO1.5 prepared by the two methods can increase the NOX conversion of the catalyst,expand the activity temperature window range of the catalyst,and improve the anti-SO2 poisoning ability.The NOX conversion of Fe0.64Mn0.3Ce0.06O1.5prepared by the coprecipitation method reached over 90%at 140-220C.Figure 44;Table 10;Reference 56.
Keywords/Search Tags:SCR denitration catalyst, hot dip galvanized acid pickling waste liquor, combustion method, coprecipitation method, pyrolysis method
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