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Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Amorphous Red Phosphorus/Pyrolyzed Bacterial Cellulose Composites

Posted on:2019-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330596467014Subject:Materials science
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In recent years,lithium ion battery?LIB?has attracted much attention because of the relatively high energy density,high power density and long operation life.However,the present commercial LIBs can't satisfy the requirement of large scale energy storage system.To further improve the energy density of the LIB,materials based on mechanism of conversion reaction were serve as the alternative anode of the conventional graphite materials.phosphorus?P?,a light,low cost and environmental friendly matter shows ultrahigh theoretical capacity of 2596 mA h/g,which makes it a promising anode candidate for LIB.However,the poor electrical conductivity(10-14S/cm)and large volume expansion during lithiation processes limit its practical application.Therefore,various carbonaceous materials have been introduced as the frameworks to accommodate P and improve its electrical conductivityIn this paper,amorphous red phosphorus/pyrolyzed bacterial cellulose?P-PBC?free-standing films are prepared by thermal carbonization and a following vaporization-condensation process for the first time.The distinctive bundle-like structure of flexible pyrolyzed bacterial cellulose?PBC?matrix not only provides sufficient volume to accommodate amorphous red-phosphorus?P?but also restricts the pulverization of red-P during the alternate lithiation/delithiation process.When the mass ratio of raw materials,red-P to PBC,is 70:1,the free-standing P-PBC film anode exhibits high reversible capacity based on the mass of the P-PBC film?1039.7 mA h/g after 100 cycle at 0.1 C,1 C=2600 mA/g?and good cycling stability at high current density?capacity retention of 82.84%after 1000 cycles at 2 C?,indicating its superior electrochemical performances.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bacterial cellulose, Red phosphorus, Free-standing, 3D network, Bundle-like structure, Lithium ion battery
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