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Strength Analysis Of 45 Meter Jack-up Platforms And The Key Structures

Posted on:2018-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330596968390Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Offshore oil field,as one of the strategic resources,has become a very important battlefield during the oil development of eastern China.In the phase of offshore oil exploration and development,mobile offshore platform plays a key role.Jack-up platform as an offshore ocean platform,has an irreplaceable position.Less steel is needed in its manufacture,being reusable and lower cost,the most important is,drilling operation can be smoothly carried out in many cases by the jack-up platform.However,due to the harsh operation environment of the platform,accidents still happen from time to time,the casualties and economic loss are immeasurable.Therefore,the importance of structural finite element analysis,for those serving or in the midst of design phase jack-up platforms,is obvious.Combined with the work of the research group on structure analysis of jack-up platform projects,with reference of domestic and abroad jack-up platform and key structure model design,research and analysis methods.Analysis on the load cases of platform,model building of the key structures,calculation of structure strength and related researches were carried out in this paper.First of all,analysis method of the structural strength of the platform was determined,the carrier platform instance to study was chosen.Second,two platform finite element models were built,one is a detailed model with superstructure,the other is a simplified model without superstructure.At last,yield strength and buckling strength of these structures were checked in accordance with the related specifications and standards,the final analysis showed that the strength of the structures could satisfy the requirements of the specification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jack-up Platform, Finite Element Analysis, Cantilever Beam, Locking Apparatus, Spud-can Collision
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