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Research On Miniature Spectrometer Connected With Intelligent Terminal By Bluetooth

Posted on:2019-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330548951008Subject:Circuits and Systems
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Raman spectroscopy is a important tool to detect the composition of the material.The Raman spectrum can reflect the structure of the molecule well,thus the composition of the material can be figured out.Nowadays more and more attention and efforts are given to food safety,green ecology,health and environmental protection.The Raman spectrometer has also been used more broadly with its advantages of the convenient and rapid chemicals detection.The traditional Raman spectrometers are bulky,costly and difficult to carry out in on-site detection.Therefore,the portable Raman spectrometer with low cost,miniaturization,on-the-spot and rapid detection enters people's field of vision and rises rapidly.It has become an important prospect on the development of Raman spectrometer.The main structure of Raman spectrometer includes Raman probe,narrow line-width laser and spectrometer module.On the basis of the developed chip spectrometer in our group,this thesis focused on the micro spectrometer system which uses a Bluetooth communication module to connect the smart phone and the chip spectrometer togather.The proposed device used the display and information processing module of the smart phone to process the signal,thus to achieve a low-cost and small-sized portable spectrometer.In this paper,based on the array waveguide grating(AWG)chip developed by our group,a 128-channel integral and analog digital conversion chip(ADAS1128,ADI,USA),a FPGA chip and a Bluetooth module is used to realize the sampling,control and wireless communication circuit,and the mobile phone terminal is used as the data processing equipment,a software based on Android was composed for rapid in-situ detection.This paper mainly introduces the design of a Bluetooth connected spectrometer system based on arrayed waveguide grating.The main contents of this paper are listed as follows:1.Design of the hardware circuit system.Based on the detailed analysis of the chip parameters,pin functions and timing logic of the ADAS1128 analog digital conversion chip and the FPGA main control chip,an analog digital conversion chip,a FPGA main control chip,a AWG chip and a Bluetooth device are integrated into a hardware system.The optical signal is collected and the data is communicated with the mobile terminal.2.Design of the mobile terminal software system.After the mobile terminal software system sends instructions to the hardware system,the data from the hardware system were sent back,and the received data was transferred to standard spectrogram which was shown on the screen of mobile terminal.3.System function verification.The feasibility and reliability of the system are verified by the optical detection.In conclusion,a 128-channel portable Raman spectrometer system was prepared in this thesis.The low cost,compact spectrometer was based on the arrayed waveguide grating and uses the Bluetooth communication module to connect the smart phone.
Keywords/Search Tags:portable Raman spectrometer, system design, Bluetooth, intelligent terminal
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