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Study On Source-storage-load Coordinated Scheduling Strategy In Integrated Energy Supply System Of Pelagic Clustering Islands

Posted on:2019-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330563491410Subject:Power system and its automation
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As an important platform for the development of marine resources,the pelagic islands cannot be fully developed because of its offshore resources.If we can make full use of the new energy it possesses,we will break the bottleneck of resource limitation of the pelagic islands,which rely solely on diesel engine.But at the same time,because of the limited land area of the pelagic islands,too much new energy facilities will occupy a large amount of land resources,and too little new energy facilities can not fully meet the load demand of the island development,which makes it hard for the pelagic islands to be developed in a large scale.If the pelagic clustering islands are taken as a whole,the load islands and the source islands are separated,which are connected through the energy-saving ships.The contradiction between the land resources and new energy resources can be effectively resolved,and the pelagic clustering islands can be self-sustained.However,the structure of this new type of energy supply system determines that it is different from the existing microgrid,and will face new problems during its operation.Firstly,this paper analyzes the characteristics and problems faced by the integrated energy supply system of pelagic clustering islands in the dispatching process.Then,the multi-form power generation characteristics of the pelagic clustering islands are analyzed,the operation models of hydrogen production equipment,seawater desalination device,fuel cells,hydrogen boilers were established,and the power-efficiency characteristics are analyzed.Aiming at the inter-island resource scheduling in pelagic clustering islands,which integrates the basic characteristics of intra-island coordination optimization and inter-island coordination optimization,continuous production and discrete transportation,power dispatching and route planning,this paper establishes an inter-island resource scheduling model based on Agent theory.The scheduling objectives and constraints of load center island agent and resource-rich island agent in different scenarios are determined by the functional characteristics and requirements of the system.The proposed model is simulated and verified in the scenario of sufficient power generation and insufficient power generation.The results show that this model can effectively take into account the power-efficiency characteristics of the equipment and coordinate the energy production efficiency and transportation cost.In view of the characteristics that multi form energy supplies multi form load in the load center island,the energy flow characteristics are analyzed.For the mismatch between energy and load characteristics,real-time pricing was introduced as a means of load regulation,and a coordinated scheduling model targeting the maximum benefit of suppliers was established.The simulation result shows that the strategy proposed can effectively take into account the operating characteristics of each equipment,and exert the adjustment ability of real-time electricity price to realize the economic operation of load center island.
Keywords/Search Tags:pelagic clustering islands, multi-agent theory, resource scheduling, real-time pricing, source storage and load scheduling
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