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Research And Optimization On The Transmission Characteristics Of Wireless Power Transfer Via Magnetic Resonant Coupling

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330566952903Subject:Radio Physics
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Wireless power transfer system in the embedded medical,portable communication devices,electric vehicles,and many other fields have broad application prospects.Magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission technology is an emerging technology WPT.This technique can be transmitted in the meter-distance tens of watts to several hundred watts of power with small radiation,basically no adverse effects on the human body.Currently,WPT/MRC technology main research goal is to increase the transmission distance of WPT/MRC system,and to improve the transmission efficiency of the system.In this thesis,the main content of WPT/MRC coil system is to improve system efficiency and increase the transmission distance of transmission system,which is based on the analysis of the transmission characteristics to optimize the design of its structure.Series-resonant coupling model and shunt-resonant coupling model is a structural model of two kinds of WPT/MRC coil system.Series-resonance coupling model's transmission efficiency is higher but has shorter transmission distance,shunt-resonant coupling model transmission's distance longer but has lower transmission efficiency.Mixed-resonance coupling model with respect to resonance series-resonant coupling model can be made in the case of small decrease on transmission efficiency,transmission distance is greatly increased;with respect to the shunt-resonant coupling model can be reduced under a small case,transmission efficiency in transmission distance.It has greatly improved.Therefore,this thesis on the transmission characteristics of mixed-resonance coupling model to explore,to complete the work as follows:Firstly,analysis of the basic circuit configuration,test methods WPT/MRC coil system and key factors,including: two basic resonant circuits,vector network analyzer and Matlab simulation used in the experiment of two-port S-parameter test methods,and the coupling coefficient and the frequency of the excitation source on WPT/MRC system transmission efficiency.Secondly,using lumped parameter equivalent circuit method,the analysis series-resonant coupling model and shunt-resonant coupling model of the system transfer function,advantages and disadvantages of the two models.Thirdly,to explore the transmission characteristics of mixed-resonant coupling model,and series resonant coupling model and the shunt-resonant coupling model were compared on the transmission efficiency and transmission distance.Inquiry mixed-resonant coupling model by adjusting the mixing ratio of the capacitance of the series-parallel method,to achieve or increase the transmission distance of the system to improve the system transmission efficiency goals.Finally,respectively,through numerical simulation analysis software Matlab,vector network analyzer test and lamp load test results verify the theoretical inquiry.By mixing resonant coupling model to explore the following conclusions:First,by adjusting the mixed-resonant coupling model series and shunt-resonant coupling capacitance proportional method,the mixed-resonant coupling model with respect to the resonant coupling model series-resonant coupling model in the transmission efficiency is reduced about 10% of cases,the transmission distance is increased 10 times;with respect to the shunt-resonant coupling model in the transmission distance is reduced at less than half the cases,the transmission efficiency by 20%.Thus mixed-resonant coupling model can solve the problem coupled model series resonant transmission distance close,shunt-resonant coupling model transport problems and inefficiencies.Finally,both sides and one side of series and shunt-resonant capacitance ratio method coupled model can adjust the system to a greater or lesser distance transmission and transmission efficiency by adjusting the mixed-resonance.In the application,according to the actual situation of flexible adjustment system transmission distance and transmission system efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless power transmission technology, magnetic coupling resonance, resonance frequency, mixed-resonance
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