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Research On Bus Voltage Control Strategy Of DC Microgrid Based On Multi-Agent Technology

Posted on:2019-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330566967126Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the rapid development of China and the continuous depletion of fossil energy,the distributed generation based on renewable energy has been paid more and more attention.But a large scale of renewable energy access to the stability of the power grid has caused a huge impact,and Microgrid can effectively solve this problem.Nowadays,microgrid mostly relies on communication,while DC microgrid has less rectification and inverter,less energy conversion loss and simple grid system structure,so it has more advantages than AC microgrid.When the DC microgrid is running in the isolated island mode,the stability of bus voltage is an important condition for the operation of the microgrid.The grid voltage of the common photovoltaic array and energy storage battery will fluctuate sharply when the battery SOC reaches the specified upper limit.In order to solve this problem,this paper studies the bus voltage regulation of DC microgrid and proves its rationality through simulation.(1)First introduces the current status of the development of distributed generation environment,and the importance of DC micro grid stability,and the DC micro grid photovoltaic power generation module,wind power module and battery module operating principle and mathematical model are studied,and the distributed generation system composed of various energy,using a a new control method,based on the reliable operation of the system,to make the bus voltage method quickly smooth.(2)Secondly,each module of the DC microgrid is established in the mathematical model,and proposed the use of multi agent control of DC microgrid control,due to the autonomy of the multi-agent system for voltage fluctuation of microgrid can earlier response,so the system than the general DC micro grid can be more quickly the voltage fluctuation becomes stable.(3)Finally,considering the framework design method of multi-agent technology,distributed power supply,Agent model based on Energy Coordination Strategy of priority;and the establishment of the model in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment,the micro operation of PV power grid and wind power output is simulated.The results show that the micro grid can make bus voltage quickly from the unstable into stable operation in the battery reaches the maximum in the multi agent control.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed power supply, multi agent system, microgrid, energy coordination, fuzzy control
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