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Research Of Microgrid Energy Management Based On Multi Agent System

Posted on:2019-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Q CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330566988807Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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With the increasing improvement penetration of the DG,numerous control modes of inverter integrate a network richly,which makes the energy management and control of the microgrid more complicated.The traditional control strategies of microgrid energy management mainly relies on a centralized controller named MGCC,which is difficult to adapt to the more and more complex microgrid control requirements of large data,intelligent interconnection and complicated control algorithms.In this paper,the renewable energy and storage energy hybrid microgrid is taken as the research object,aiming to study the output power control of various distributed generation units and the energy management system of microgrid.Firstly,the structure of microgrid system and the related concepts of MAS are introduced in this paper.The advantage of event trigger control in the power management of microgrid is analyzed,then the design principle of the MAS communication structure according to the characteristics of the microgrid energy management under the island and grid operating modes is given,which lays the foundation for the research of the subsequent chapters.Secondly,the influence of line impedance and control parameters on the output power sharing characteristics and voltage frequency stability of the droop-controlled inverter is analyzed.This paper proposes a distributed energy management strategy based on improved concensus algorithm.The control strategy realizes the distributed concensus algorithm with the help of Agent communication,then obtains the droop control compensation item,can realize the equal load sharing of each DG according to their capacity,at the same time,ensures the voltage and frequency stability of the microgrid.Thirdly,the energy management target of grid-connected microgrid is studied,and a distributed energy management control strategy based on multi Agent system communication is proposed.Distributed communication among Agent satisfy the plug and play principle of microgrid,and make the system more flexible and expandable.Then,from the consideration of reducing the cost of network communication,the event triggered control is studied.Taking the energy management of the grid parallel operation as an example,the event trigger mechanism and the multi Agent network control are combined,and the energy management control algorithm under different event triggering conditions is given through the analysis of various event triggering conditions according to the energy management target under the grid operation of the microgrid.The proposed control scheme can effectively reduce the numb er of communication between Agent and decrease the update frequency of control signal,as well as improve the efficiency of the system.Finally,the design principle,hardware design and software design of the microgrid inverter platform and communication network are introduced.And the communication performance of inverter platform and Agent network is tested.In addition,the energy management strategy of microgrid under grid connected operation mode in the fourth chapter is verified by experimental platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:microgrid, multi agent system, distributed coordinated control, energy management, event-trigger control
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